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d - December 23

ok, here husband have been argueing over money issues. i am only 12 weeks but i just learned that once i go on maternity leave i have to pay my full health insurance out of pocket (my company pays the first $500 a month now). they pay til the end of the month you leave which won't help me cause i am going to give birth the following month. so i have to come up with all this money for the two months i am out of work and 125 a day for being in the hospital. i told my husband he should look for a better job so he doesn't have to commute to pa (we live in jersey). but he says he is not going to make what he makes now at a new job and he isn't going back to school. now i am ticked cause i realize that i am never going to not struggle financially in life but i do love my husband with all my heart. help me.


Q - January 5

Hi d! I feel for ya! I got fired from my job when I was pregnant with my first son. I found out I was pregnant a week after being fired. I had to go on Cobra insurance which cost me 168 dollars a month. Luckily my son was put on my husband's (then boyfriend) insurance. We also had some medical bills to pay once I had my son. I was not covered 100% with cobra. I was out of work from then until almost a year after my son was born. I cannot explain how bad our money situation was. We were overdrawn almost every week. Now we are better, I have a job and my son goes to daycare. We make ends meet. However, I am pregnant again and in a few months will have to pay double daycare. This will leave us back at struggling to make ends meet. But, I know eventually our money situation will get better and better. It will just be tight for a while. Here is my point. Having kids costs money..period! Unfortunately there will be times when you will have more money than other times. That's life, and your not the only one struggling. Just have faith that somehow things will get better, and you and your husband will figure out a way to make it work. Someday, you and your husband will have a couple of laughs reminising on how bad things USED to be. Good Luck!


Katharine - January 8

d-I know it is frustrating. A lot of us are in the same financial boat. I know a lot of people though, that look back on these as the "best times of their lives". In one way can't wait to get there, but still want to enjoy my kids' childhood. Also, how late do you plan to work? If you can work until right before your due date, that could have them paying for an extra month. I worked until two days before baby was born. Good luck!


d - January 27

katharine....sorry i haven't been able to check the forum in awhile. i am due the first week of july and plan on going on maternity leave the first week of june. i really can't work much closer to my due date b/c i have two children in elem school so i have to be home with them. it would be pointless to try and find a babysitter for 3 weeks so i am basically losing money no matter what. and i don't plan on going back to work until the first week of sept b/c of the same thing with the kids so i have to take 2 weeks in august off with no pay/no disability. and then i am going to have to pay daycare and after school care for three kids. geez, sometimes i wonder why i even work since i won't see much of the money. lol.



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