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JessDT - October 17

I would really love to be able to stay home and raise my son. Does anyone know of any REAL work at home job opportunities. Anything would be helpful THANKS!


1mom - February 15

I'm in the same boat. It's alot harder to find a job at home. The only thing that i've heard other than daycare is data entry. But i've yet to have any luck finding anyone to help me get pointed in the right direction.


mommybabyboy21 - February 16

I would love even daycare...taking care of another lo with mine. but I can't fine that in my area...wish I could. :-( I could data entry too....I type 70 wpm, how I wish somehow i could find a job so I could be a sahm.


sleeplessinseattle - April 5

The best site I know of is They have real LEGIT work at home jobs. From what I hear it's a pretty reputable site. Good luck!


Chrissy816 - April 23

I am expecting in July and found a work at home job that works great with a baby. It is easy to make money and they have great products that are all natural for the baby and cleaning. I thought it was too good to be true but it isnt! If you want more information on how to do it yourself, I will gladly give you more information!


fefer1 - July 3

I work from home doing accounting work - but it's hard to find and you need the education. Before I got pregnant I went back to school to work on an accounting degree so that I could stay home once I got pregnant. It's a little late to do that once you have a baby - but it's an option. It is REALLY difficult to work at home too - especially once our babes are mobile. I find I spend more time chasing my 10 mo old around than working!


wellnessmom - December 1

Hi Jess! I recently started working from home with a wellness company. My husband and I were very skeptical, but there was no risk involved and we liked what we heard so we tried it. After the first month of joining the company, I have received two cheques. I am extremely happy with my choice. If you like you can visit my website at womenswealthandwellness dot com/angie. Hopefully you will have as much success as I am having. Angela


natureworkmom - December 28

Hello JessDT, My name is Helen and i am a stay home mom with 2 children. I struggled with going back to work issues too after my daughter was born. She is now 3 almost 4 and my son is 1 soon to be 2. I work at home as an Independent Distributor for Shaklee a nature and organic based products company. They also help me create a healthy home for my family and that's what i love most about the company. Visit my blog and that should direct you to my shaklee website. Explore the site and see if this would interest you. If it does, I will be here to help in what ever way you need help in. contact me for more information. thankyou and good luck. Helen


sammykjo - January 22

fefer1 - I am an accountant with 2 degrees. I've been looking for at home work and am having a hard time. Do you have a recommendation for accounting work?? Thanks


vanessawho - January 25

I have been working from home since 2006 when I had my baby. I quit my job as an insurance agent and quickly realized our savings would not hold us more than a year. So I got on the internet. I currently work for one company as an independant contractor doing phone sales for a large retailer. The work is fine, its the company that pays me that is hard to handle, but the pay is decent-if you can get through the training and get the hours you want. I also do customer service work for a large cell phone company. The work is decent, and the training was quick, I can hand pick my own hours, but the pay is well below idea. I had done pledge drives for non profits and the pay was terrible-based on talk minutes. I worked about 50 hours in a month and made $51 I had done phone s_x. Pay was decent I averaged about $13/hr, but as you can imagine, the work was well, work. I felt light headed at the end of every shift! I had done recruiting work for two different companies. The pay was great if I got someone hired within a week, otherwise it was pretty lousy compared to the time I put into it. I tried starting my own business. Got registered with the feds, state and professional orgs. And got nowhere. I have looked into selling discount health cards-I don't want to telemarket. I have looked into selling beauty and cleaning supplies-I don't want to telemarket. I just want to service existing customers and businesses. So I am still looking for the one great long term position that will give me a decent income working full time from home and will allow me to be with my baby. Now for all of you out there who are interested, I have a list of about 100 companies that are legit that do hire at home people. Some I am not interested in, some I am not qualified for, some were not hiring when I applied and most I have not researched. I cannot post them here, because they won't me include a web address, so contact me via email if like at my username 287 at aol. GOOD LUCK!!!


newlywed0915 - February 5

I've joined Beauti Control in January and already made $300 in a month! I'm due in June and want to be a stay at home mom...and Beauti Control gives you rewards and opportunit_tes to truly make it possible. You host spa getaways and pamper other people. Its really quite enjoyable, and you can have these getaways anywhere! I mean, who doesn't want to relax and be pampered?When you sign up you get 500 dollars worth of products for 179...a free full day pf product training, and discounts! This company is NOTHING like Mary Kay...definitely promising and rewarding. Check out my site: .beautipage. c o m/ criccomini. Click on Become a Spa Expert and learn mroe about it. Definitely worth a shot ladies! Heck, worst comes to get 500 worth of awesome products and free training!


wellnessmom - February 5

Hi Fellow moms! If you really want to stay home, don't let anything get in the way of doing it. There are good companies out there believe it or not. It is just a matter of finding them. Do your research before joining any. I am now working at home for a wonderful wellness company. It may or not be right for you, but I love it. There is something out there for everyone, it is just a matter of finding it. You need to be determined, persistent and consistent in looking. Don't give up! I didn't and I thank God everyday that I am able to be home with my daughter, earn a pay cheque and am actually providing a healthier life for myself and my family. There is something out there for you too! Angela


tammym - February 18

Hi Jess, this may be an option for you. Ameriplan is a work at home opportunity. It is something that I love doing myself as we provide a very needed service. Medical and dental discount plan. You can become an independent business owner. There are great tax advantages to that as well. If you are interested in learning more visit and request an interview. Or give me a call, my number is on the site along with my email address. I wish you the best. TammyM.


DaBonkElsMe - March 3

This one's the real deal, I am just a mom like you, not a business or anything else. This will take you about three months to start seriously earning, but it works. use the three w's first then copy this without any spaces or dashes. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain!!


teska - March 6

DaBonkElsMe - I went on that web site but it's confusing. Can you help me understand it? What exacly do I have to do? Sorry to sound a bit dumb, but I read it quickly...can you help?


pdsmith2002 - March 7

I found sucess through I registered at their website, looked through all of the work at home jobs that were posted on their site and started applying. I am now an at home professional. I love what I do, but more importantly, I love not having to leave my house to do it! If you have questions - email me on yahoo. pdsmith102002


TeriK - March 23

I need to jump on the band wagon. That is where I found the companies that I currently work for from my home. If you haven't checked it out yet, I would. Sign up for their newsletter, I did :o) Best to you ~ Keep us posted on what you find! Teri K



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