HELP Pregnant And Lost My Job

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heatherSD - July 18

I live in CA, I am 6 weeks pregnant and lost my job today. My employers didn't know, so that wasn't the reason I was let go. Just slow times right now. So many questions going through my mind. Can anyone help me? 1.) I'm scheduled for my 1st prenatal appointment in 2 weeks. Since I'm going to lose my insurance, my husband is going to pay to put me on his. Should I postpone my appointment until his kicks in? I don't want his insurance to not cover the pregnancy due to a "pre-existing condition". 2.) I was planning on starting a consultaing business from home after I finished my maternity leave, but now I may need to look for another job. Am I gonna have a difficult time because I'm pregnant? Should I just omit this piece of information while interviewing? Am I going to qualify for maternity disability if I've been employed at a new job less than a year? I was planning on going on unemployement insurance, but I heard if they find out I'm pregnant I won't qualify becasue I'm considerd unemployable. And If I can't get a job, I can't collect maternity disability. I feel stuck in a corner, and I need some advice, quick! ~Heather


momoftwins - July 31

Hey Heather! I am a stay at home mom of 16 month old twins. I didnt lolse my job, but we just werent making it on just my husbands income, so my parents got me started in this world wide internet based business selling Xango Juice. Its not a scam I promise! I just wanted to tell you about it because it could really help you out alot and you can spend your pregnancy at your house then when your baby comes you wont have to worry about leaving he/she. If you are interested write me back and I will tell you about the juice and get you started. There is nothing to lose! Let me know!! Congrats on your pregnancy!! And try not to stress too much!



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