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rl - May 18

Hi all I just wanted to know how everyone that has had their baby and gone back to already is getting along with work and home. I have been back to work since 3/13/06 my son Logan was 2 months old when I went back, I am lucky my mom takes care of him for me but it has been hard with work and home duties just would love to hear from others in the same boat!!


Been There - May 18

I'll be doing this for the third time. It's not so hard if you try to plan and realize that you are not Superwoman. Prioritize what needs to be done at home. The baby/children will always take up time. You have to focus so much on them, cuddling, feeding, washing, dressing, teaching, checking. I just try to work around them and fit things in. Kind of mult_tasking. To this day my 13 year-old is still talking about the day I needed to carry her little sister and a load of clothes up the stairs at the same time. I laid the baby in the basket full of freshly washed clothes and was on my way. She was impressed. You'll learn little tricks and time savers as you go along. And you will be amazed at how much you'll learn to get done without missing a beat.


rl - May 18

Hi been there this really is not new to me in a way this is my 3rd baby but my oldest is 17yrs old and my middle is 7yrs now with my 4month old it really feels like starting all over again and sometimes it feels a bit overwelming I guess I am getting to old for this ha ha lol ( I am 35yrs) just wanted to hear from a few others feeling the same and maybe vent a bit...my first two are with my ex husband and he was not a great husband to me but he was a very good father he really helped me alot now with this baby it is with my new husband well I say new we have been married 3yrs together 6 yrs but this is his first child and he just is not very helpful maybe he was a bit scared with the baby being so small he is starting to help me more now that Logan is getting bigger and I am starting to tell him he has to do his part too!! well thanks for your comments!!


sara b - May 21

I started a telemarketing job 9 days after giving birth. I had been out of work since two months before I had my daughter. I went through a few jobs until I broke up with my boyfriend, who had been watching her for me. I then spent 6-7 months being a stay at home mom. I just recently started a great new job and have found that daycare and transportation and just all the ha__sle is driving me up a wall. But its still so worth it!!! I'd do anything for my baby girl. Best wishes.



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