How Long Can You Work During Preg

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Funny_Gal_2007 - April 16

I know this is "going back to work" but its the best place to ask. How long can I actually work while being pregnant? Comments much needed, thank you : ).


Jilloh - April 16

i worked right up until my due date. i was due on a friday and was scheduled to be induced on sunday, so i worked til the very end. it all depends on you and your doctor.


kris Al. - April 18

I also worked up to the due date. She was induced 4 days later. A lot of it depends on your work environment, your support network, and how you feel. I felt tired, and sluggish, but well - had a great support team and immediate access to care if a problem arose and I needed to get to the hospital immediately. those things all matter.


myangel - April 18

it is true that it is up to you and your dr. depending on what type of what you do and how you feel. With my 2nd I took off 2 weeks before just to give myself time to rest, but could have worked longer. With this one, I plan to take off a week before my due date just to get prepared. Some people do work up until the very end with no problems. Good Luck.


ChaycesMom - May 8

I actually went to work the day I had my son. I didnt realise I was having back labor. My pains started at 530am, I drove myself 45mins to work, stayed there for about an hour, and finally after the Dr that I worked for kept telling me too I finally called my Dr. He told me to meet him at the hospital, so I had to drive another 45 mins to home to get my bag and then another 1/2hr to get the hospital, stuck in am traffic. When I got to the hospital I was 4cm dialated. Water never broke nor did I ever lose my plug.


rl - May 18

i worked the day I had my baby I thought I was just having braxton hicks since there was no pain or anything worked all day even took some work home with me that evening finished that (paper work) and while watching the 11pm news my water broke and my baby was born 12:55 a.m. so just depends on you ha ha lol


3ofthem - June 10

worked till 2 hours before our 1st was born went into labor at work 3:30 am, Husband was called to take me to the hospita (which was 3 mins away) water broke in the car on the way there, she was born at 5:49 am. Just depends on how you feel and how your doctor feels about it. Good LUCK


Dovie - August 4

Depends on what you do. I work at a hospital, nusres-aid, so heavy lifting, body-fulids, diseses, radio-active rooms. and all thats just on the floor i work on!! So im off as soon as i find out in pregnat. as your doc, and/or your boss


scarlett - August 19

I'll be taking my maternity leave about 2wks before my due date. I work shifts, and it gets more & more uncomfortable each day. I also need some time to rest & prepare stuff for the baby.



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