I M Fat

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fat mom - September 15

Hi. I've gained so much weight when I was pregnant I am really embarassed to go back to work! Does anybody know of any solutions other than crash diets?


relinda - September 15

look, the best way to keep the weight off and still be healthy and not spend thousands of dollars on plastic surgery is to EXERCISE and EAT HEALTHY! just out of curiosity, how much have you gained?


Mortimer - September 15

'fat mom', it doesn't matter what you look like on the outside, as long as you feel good inside, man.


Mortimer - September 15

ps-'shameless promoter', go back to hell (los angeles)


Mortimer - September 15

ps-'shameless promoter', go back to the hell you belong in, a one way ticket to l.a.


fat mom - September 16

Thanks Mortimer. I can't believe someone would suggest plastic surgery!


Tracey - September 16

First of all, there's no reason to be embara__sed about your weight gain. Gaining weight is part of having a child. The best thing to do is make time after work or during your lunch break to exercise and don't get sucked into eating microwable and fast food or else the weight will never come off.


Shameless Promoter - September 16

Dear Mortimer, I like your moxy. Perhaps you should come to LA with me.


Gwen - September 20

After I had my daughter I took up jogging and swimming. Exercising 3 times a week really helped me get back in shape.


Noori - September 20

I became a vegetarian after having my second child. Cutting out fatty meats really helped me get my weigh back under control.


Willow - January 9

I agree that exercise is the best way to lose the baby weight. Don't go on a diet - learn to eat healthier. If you teach your body to crave healthy foods, you'll never diet again a day in your life. I'm on that road now, SLOWLY cutting back on the fatty foods (like McDonalds Cheeseburgers) that used to be my favorite. Some people do enjoy a vegitarian diet, however I caution against fully eliminating any food group from your diet. Although the food pyramid may be incorrect in its portions, I still maintain that the foods in it are important . Oh, yes... and to the plastic surgury comment - it's an expensive way to lose weight fast - yes - but if you don't correct your diet and exercise programs anyways.. it's all wasted money ! Mom.. don't be embara__sed about going back to work. Be really excited that you are going to help yourself get back to a heathy you - ASTOUND your co-workers and let them SEE how you lose the weight!!!


Hi - January 21

Listen up girlfriend. It is going to take awhile to get your body back even though with most women it is never the same. I don't mean you will always be bigger than you were it is just that places that were big before might be smaller and vice versa. Just hang in there and stay healthy. Also I agree with everone but the shameless promoter that is the easy way out and totally not the solution. Do it the right way not the cheaters way.


Harris - May 25

I am going to check out your websit shameless. I've been looking for info. Thanks! fat mom, why do you say you cna't believe someone suggested plastic surgery. You asked for "any solutions other than crash diets"


Katharine - June 2

Nursing worked for me. I ate the same as in pregnancy and lost almost all of my pregnancy weight by the time I went back to work. Of course, once I stopped nursing, I still had the same eating habits and it piled right back on...



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