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sullen in San Jose, Ca - October 25

I am a live in nanny, to a pair of lovley 6 month old twins, a boy and a girl. The parents and I got along fine and well until the paternal grandmother came for a visit. She has been here 3 weeks, and she is making my job enviorment stressful, and hard. Some things that should be mentioned are- the family I work for is Korean, and I am a caucasion american. This was not a problem at all... but the parents of the twins are adamant about being very respectful to her, and following all her wishes precisely... down to hang drying towels, wearing gloves when feeding the babies, and not allowing me to eat lunch at the table, because I am just a worker. (I eat standing up in front of the sink, or in my room.) The grandmother has said a number of derogatory things towards me, such as 'oh you have a little bit of a brain! I didnt know.', (after I expressed three times that I had not added water to the babies rice cereal) 'you shouldnt lie about the babies food, its bad for them.', 'you and your soap smell bad', and there are so many more. If I take a rest during my ten hour shift, she scolds me. Most the time I dont even hve enough time to eat! She also has broken dishes, spilt water, and thrown away things that arent supposed to be thrown away. When asked about it, she tells the parents it was me, and I cant argue because of course they will believe her over me. I want to keep this job. The parents and I have a good work relationship, and I get along great with the babies. Not to mention, the job pay is excellent. Is there a way that I can go about this problem and air my greviances without disrupting their ideals of respect and authority? Does anyone know what my rights are legally if I approach this and am fired for it?


Ella - October 27

I think you'd be best to smile, nod, and ask how much longer she'll be staying? I'm sure they are aware of how demanding she can be...


Jamie - October 28

Ask how long she'll be staying, and also ask the family if perhaps you can take a leave of absense during her stay? Tell them it's because of her, and if they believe her over you, ask them how much of this stuff happened while she wasn't there (stuff breaking, etc) versus while she was there.


js - October 29

You asked what your rights are if you are fired for airing you grievences... Unfortunately, none. This isn't a corporation you are working for, its a family, and unless there is some sort of contract between you, there isn't anything you would be able to do,


mom of 2 - November 3

Hi if you are unhappy there I sure could use you as a nanny. We have been looking for one, part time. 2 great kids, nice neighborhood. We are caucasion american too and i would like to find a nanny that would be like part of the family. you can eat meals with us if you want to. i dry my towels in the dryer. email me at funnursechris@yahoo.com


mom - November 3

ask how long will she be there, and if its for a long time you need to find employment else where no matter how good the pay you deserve respect and not treated like a dog i could not deal with that you are a human and if they allow that then they are not as great people as you say. but weigh it out she may not be there that long. good luck



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