I Stoped Prenatal Vitamins And Now I Am Scared

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jessie - May 4

I was taking prenatal vitamins every day until my 2nd month. In my 2nd month I started getting really light headed and dizzy, prenatal vitamins only made it worse so I stopped taking them. I am now almost five months pregnant and a friend told me all these horrible things that might happen to my baby and now I am so scared.


Katharine - May 13

Start taking them again-you may not have problems now. Also, there are loads of different brands/mixtures of prenatal vitamins. Ask for samples at your doctor's office until you find one that works for you.


Stephanie - May 17

Your baby will be fine. If you are taking care of yourself, not smoking, drinking, doing drugs, eating healthy, and exercising, your baby will get all of it's nutruients from you. The prenatals are there to supplement your diet and to ensure that the health of both of you is well. Try restarting the pills at different times of the day, and also after eating. I don't suggest on an empty stomach as that will probably make you feel very ill. Good luck, and everything will be fine for you!


Tammy - May 18

Jessie-I stopped taking prenatal vitamins at the beginning of my 4th month ans switched to a regular vitamin. I asked my doctor yesterday and she said that was fine. You could even take a children's vitamin. She said that the really important time for prenatal's is 3 months before conceiving ( if possible) and the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. You should at least take some form of vitamin. You need the folic acid.


Ginny - June 22

The important thing is to not panic. Being anxious won't make you feel any better, and remember that women were having babies for thousands of years before prenatal vitamins came along. You can try the different kinds of prenatals and see which one works best. If none work, you can get your folic acid the old-fashioned way- by eating it! Green leafy vegetables and Total cereal are my personal favorites.


soleil - June 23

i was taking them at the beginning of my pregnancy but had to stop a couple of weeks later because I had horrible morning sickness and prenatal vitamins made me feel worse, anyways at almost 5 mo. i still couldnt take vitamins so my doctor suggested taking kid vitamins until i am able to take regular and i started taking flinstones vitamin until i was almost 6mo. and then i took the regular ones.


Keedah - July 28

Continue to take your pre-natal vitamins! You have to take them on a full stomach. They are not only important for your unborn child's development, but for yourself as well. The child will be taking alot of vitamins from you as it grows, and you need them to supplement the loss.


Joan - August 7

Hi Jessie, Don't worry ! I have 3 kids all perfectly healthy and I;ve taken a total of 5 prenatal vitamins. They made me so very sick I felt my body was telling me something. Always listen to your body! Make sure you eat right. Take a children's multivitamin if you can. Obviously don't drink alcohol or smoke. And get good prenatal care. The 1st trimester is the scariest. The best is yet to come!


mariane - August 29

im try to have baby i want know if i have to take prenatal vitamins before i get pregnant


s - September 23

they probly didnt even have prenatal vitamans in the 1800s and b4 then and we turned out fine otherwise none of us would be sitting here posting on this forum.


Lily - October 11

Just like you Jessie, I stopped taking my preta___l vitamins after 2 months. It made me so sick. I also have problems with swallowing pills. I normally have to chop the pill down into 3, 4 small pieces and take one little piece at a time with a whole gla__s of water. It tasted terrible that way. After a while I couldn't do it anymore. I got choked everytime I tried to take it. My husband advised me to mix it with ice cream. About 30 minutes after taking the pill, I started to feel extremely nauseaus and dizzy that I needed to lie down. Through my pregnancy I took about 40 pills. Thanks God my boy was born all healthy, otherwise I would be kicking myself for the rest of my life!


what? - November 6

this is the work issues forum...go to general pregnancy questions!!


to s - December 17

who do you knwo that was born in the 1800's and is still alive today? jsut a question cause i know my mother had vitamins but that was only about 30 years ago not over 200. oh yeah and people in the 1800's used to die in childbirth a lot so not the best example. to jessie. i had a healthy baby and did not take a single vitamin. it all depends on you and how you take care of your self


s - December 19

what i ment was the people back then most likley didnt have the vitamins like we do today and if our ancestors survived (sp) without them then we should be able to as well the babies were healthy when born so as long as you eat helathy i dont see it as neccicary to take them also to to s i am sure that less women die becouse of child birth today then woman of the 1800s there is more technology that can detect problems so the drs can save them


W - December 22

Women would die in childbirth because of breech babies, hemorraging, really big babies that won't fit through the v____al ca___l.... I don't think women died in childbirth due to lack of prenatal vitamins. I could be wrong; I'm not a doctor. This is just my educated a__sumption.


miz - December 29

I am 28 years old, and am from Japan. My mother still lives in Japan, and has no idea what prenatal vitamins are, and she never took them. So, in many other countries, prenatal vitamins are still not so common, and women are popping kids like nobody's business! Like some people said, i believe that as long as you take a good care of yourself, I believe fine. Like S said, people still had healthy babies... like ME!! I believe my mother really took a good care of herself, without relying on vitamins. Especially in this country (not to offend anyone), people do not eat well, and so much so that, they are recommended to take vitamins, I believe.



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