I Want To Work At Home

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Karen S - November 13

Hi Im a stay at home mom and I was just wondering if anyone new of any kind of stay at home jobs that are out there and safe to do. If you could help that would be great:) Thanks


Alison - November 18

I'd like to work from home too if I can think of/arrange something! My job was graphic design which I could do from home but am considering other ideas too. you could sell on Ebay-lots of people run businesses on Ebay selling things. I saw a couple who make and sell baby on board signs (they print and laminate them) on Ebay-I bought one and it was very cute! Are you crafty? You could make home-made greetings cards or candles or jewellery and sell them on Ebay or your own website or sell to local shops. Or maybe you could provide a pet-sitting service in your area, or do ironing for people-collect, iron and drop off. Or you could bake and sell cakes and other baking, or write for a magazine/paper? I hope you find something you enjoy and wish you and your family all the best :-)


elilou77 - December 1

Im working from home fdoing network marketing. I think I might be pregnant so this is the perfect business for me, I don't have a boss and I work in my own schedule. It's take time to build this business but if you do it right you don't need to have a full time job outside home.


TeriK - April 4

HI Karen I see I joined a couple years too late, however, I thought I would share with you my thoughts on a great place to find companies who hire people to work from home. You can go to sohojobs.org I am currently working from home after applying to a companies job posting and being hired! Hope this helps...and maybe not too late :o) Best to you~ Teri K (id:au8tkat) "Working from home thanks to sohojobs.org"


gwdcota - May 3

I recently started a work at home business that has been in usiness for 23 years and have very good standings with BBB, recognized by NASDAQ, CNN and more. It is very simle and anyone can do it from all backgrounds and also has been proven for anyone to make great income from the richest to the poorest. There is no risk, no obligaiton, no investment and no pressure. I love it and feel soooo blessed to have found this b/c I have been searching for something for 7 years. I have amazing support from my enroller who is a great inspiration, Christian and blessing to me. I would love to share in the blessings with you and to help you in your search for a great work at home business. Have a Blessed Day!!


momoftwins - July 31

I am working from home selling Xango Juice. Its so easy and is not a scam! Checks come in the mail weekly! Let me know if you are interrested!


PrettyPurtty - August 7

I would LOVE to wrok from home, how fun! lol


momoftwins - August 7

Hey prettypurtty, email me at brittslager at yahoo. this forum wont let me type in my website, so email me so you can check out my website. I'm a stay at home mom and I'm making great money doing this and its so easy!!



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