I Work From Home Anyone Else I Have A Question

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stefkay - November 4

Hi, I work from home with my 4 month old daughter and I'm starting to realize how hard it is to do this and get anything done. Everyone I know is telling me that I won't be able to do it much longer, but I can't afford to pay for daycare. I'm pretty much the breadwinner in the family and right now most everything I make goes to bills. It would really really hurt us to have to put her in daycare. I'm just looking for other moms who work from home and want to see how you do it, if you do it :) My daughter isn't even crawling yet, but I am betting when she gets mobile (soon) that it's going to be even harder. HELP!!!!


pattty - November 6

Daycare can be expensive have you considered a live in nanny? They are cost effective and you can have the work up to 45 flexible hours? Trust me I ahve 3 kids and tried to work from home, its impossible! Once mobile your full time job is to be sure they are safe. contact me if interested in the nanny or au pair thing. I have one she is great I went thru an agency that is very reputable. Good Luck


stefkay - November 18

Thanks pattty, I would love to do something like that, but I just can't afford it. I'm sure it would be even more expensive than daycare and I want her home with me mainly because I want to spend the time with her, but a close second is that we just can't afford daycare. I don't know how women do it that have to go out there and work only to pay out most of their incomes in daycare. I might see about getting someone who could come a couple of days a week or something like that...


funnygal84 - March 24

have you considered speaking with a family in your neighborhood about sharing a nanny? you each pay half the fees and split between watching them in your house or theirs. usually you each pay just a little bit more depending on how many children there are to watch, but a friend of mine did this and was easily able to afford the costs. plus you get the added benefit of your child being close or in-home and most nannies will do light housekeeping/meal prep. another option: if there's a college student or trustworthy teenager in your neighborhood, have them watch the baby for a few hours during the day while you work. or hire them in the evening and do your work then if you're able to do so. :) good luck


stefkay - May 17

Hey! Just was skimming around here and came to this forum forgetting i had posted here so long ago...Thanks for the idea funnygal, I'd like to do that but don't know anyone around me well. My daughter is now 10.5 mos old and things actually were CAKE back when i posted and she was 4 months compared to how it is now, LOL!!! She just started crawling, still b___stfeeds and is easily bored. yikes. Starting in June a friend of mine who is quitting work and starting school is going to watch her for 8 hours a week and I'm paying her $50 per week. That seems like a lot for so little time, but it's less than min wage for her. I am going to get on a waiting list for a daycare here as all of them are like a year long. I think I'll try to have her in like half days by 2 years or something. I'm frazzled.



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