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Karen S - January 16

I've been working for a couple months now and my milk supply has gone down a little even though I pump as much as I can at work but it's so stressful to make sure My son has milk to eat at my moms when she babysits. He only has one bottle while Im at work cause Im part time so I asked my MIL (who is a pediatrician) and she said I could subsitute a bottle of formula instead of br___t milk and that would be okay. So I bought some formula and tried it and my son likes it but I feel so bad that Im not pumpimg for him:( Am I doing this wrong or am I okay?


domino - January 16

Don't feel bad at all. You are still goign to be brestfeeding, just supplementing a feeding. I do the same with my son...he gets one bottle of formula at night because I need atleast one feeding supplemented so I can pump and freeze so I have back up milk for when I travel. He will gets all the benefits of b/milk and can also take formula incase I am not around and needs to be fed. I worried in the beginning too, but realized that he is FINE and he is still b___stfed majority of the time. Don't stress yourself out :)


Karen S - January 17

Thanks Domino!


tryingx3 - January 24

Don't worry about it. We can't all be superheros - even if we try! :-)


Duffchick - January 26

Don't feel bad! I had to supplement with my son while I was still in the hospital cause he was such a piggy. I was so sore from trying to b___stfeed him in the hospital that I had to stop and start pumping for him. By the second week of being home I was pumping 10 ounces each time. Now he is a month old and just fine. I would recomend if you do have to supplement to do it at night since it is heavier and they will sleep longer. Good Luck!!!!!


orchidmom - February 3

Hi, don't feel bad, this happens with many moms. formula can be as good as the b___st milk..


Krist - February 13

Don't feel bad. Formula is just as good as b___st milk. I never b___st fed at all, I used formula straight away and my daughter is healthy and rarely gets ill.


orchidmom - February 26

There is nothing to feel bad....Dont worry, it happens to many mom.....Good Luck


sagekelli - April 29

i just hope you understand supplementing will drop your milk supply. goood luck


Karen S - April 29

Thanks everyone but Im just about done nursing so I dont need this question answered anymore. Thanks for all of you help!



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