Is This Cruel Or What

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Concerned - June 10

I am being replaced in 3 weeks when I start mat. leave. The new replacement is starting out at the same rate of pay as I make and I've worked there 6 years. Would this p___s you off or what? I mentioned it to my boss and he said it was because he was short of time in finding someone to replace me and had to give them the wage/hr that they wanted. I feel like it is a slap in the face...what do you think?


Jbear - June 12

Why did they even tell you what your replacement is being paid? In most companies, salaries are confidential. Also, keep in mind that the cost of living increases over time. If you started doing the same job for another company, would you expect the salary you are making now, or the amount you were paid six years ago? I don't think your boss is trying to upset you, he's just trying to make things run smoothly while you're gone.


Concerned - June 13

I see what your saying about the cost of living. It makes very good sense, However, I had also been told I was being given a yearly performance increase along with the increase of the cost of living in my total raise.This is why I believe someone starting out in my position should not start out at my current rate, as they have not had a chance for any performance increases. Either way, what can I do... It's not my style to go around resenting people nor is it my style to hold onto things for very long. I have learned a valuable lesson here is the bottome line I guess. If you think you deserve a better raise at the time of areview...don't be shy to ask for what you think you deserve. The worst they can say is no or like me for the last time, end up being underpaid for a very long time...thanks for you input Jbear...


Hi - June 16

Do you know what kind of experience she has, perhaps she is coming from doing exactly what you are doing now? But you conclusions are totally valid--I think I'll ask for a raise.


Rissa - July 15

Sound like your boss was just in a desperate situation to find "coverage" for the company- I don't think its really anything against you


Helen - August 17

Does it really matter? She is just a temp. Temps usually make more an hour for jobs than they would if they worked at that job full-time. I don't think your boss would really care because as long as he's not paying more he is just keeping the status quo.


Julia - September 12

You have other, much more important concerns at this time. It really is none of your business anyway.


Lily - October 11

No matter how you explain it, it's still so maddening! When I got back from my mat leave, found out that they pumped up a girl to my position and salary (that I had to trained to do my job several weeks before I left). They offered me a lower salary than what I earned before I left. I just had to grin my teeth and accepted it.


Confused - November 13

Lily, what you wrote sounds totally illegal. My understanding is with the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the company is required to keep your job open to you for 12 weeks. Even if you'd been out for other medical reasons, it would have been the same. It sounds like your boss was making a__sumptions about what you might do after having the baby, and acting up it, or worse, "punishing" you for having a child. Check with your human resources office, and if nobody helps, check with your state's labor office. I smell discrimination.


Lynn - November 15

I agree with COncerned above, IF your employer has more than 50 employees than they have to follow the FMLA guidelines. Which means that they can't lower your pay. They CAN put you in a "similiar" position with "similiar" hours and job requirements, but they have to offer you the same hours and wage as the job you had before you left.



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