Is Working In A Day Care Safe For My Baby

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h - September 16

I work in a day care with four year olds, is this safe for my health and my babies safety? I have to pick up children and they have all kinds of sicknesses floating around


Amber - September 20

If your job is making you paranoid, it might be time to think about doing something else that doesn't involve dealing with kids on a daily basis.


Marisol - September 20

If you haven't had chicken pox you may be at risk of catching them and pa__sing them on to your baby, but other than that you shouldn't worry. Where their are kids, there are germs but I don't think these germs will lead to you or your baby developing a life-threatening illness.


brucen - September 21

The workplace can be full of germs particularly if you are a healthcare worker, daycare provider or teacher. Some infections can be dangerous to the mother-to-be and her baby. The best protection is to be up to date in your immunizations and to practice universal precautions to prevent contact with body secretions. Talk to your doctor or midwife beforehand about the kind of work that you do and the types of infections you may encounter. She can test your blood to see if you are immune to some common illnesses, which may help guide your care if you come in contact with these germs later on in pregnancy. Some infections pose particular problems for pregnant women and their fetuses. Let your doctor or midwife know if you get exposed to a viral infection, like fifth disease, chicken pox, rubella or CMV (cytomegalovirus), to which you may not be immune. And remember: frequent hand washing may be your best protection.,1510,23494,00.html


Danielle - April 14

If you are b___st feeding, the immunities that you build up can be pa__sed on to your baby. Not to say that you or your baby will never get sick, but in the long run it can be beneficial


J - May 2

I worked in a daycare the whole time I was pregnant and everything went fine. good luck and god bless!!!!!


J - May 2

oh and I worked with four year olds also.



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