Job Offer And 2 Months Pregnant

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Colleen - September 11

Went on an interview 2 weeks ago and I'm confident that I will be getting a job offer this week. Problem is, I just found out that I'm 2 months pregnant. I would really like this job because it is 2 miles away from where I live compared to 20 miles of where I currently work. WHAT SHOULD I DO????


Sas - September 12

Hi, Colleen, Definatley accept the job. No one else will employ you if your'e pregnant now and i'm sure by law you do not have to tell them yet. I live in the uk so our laws are different. But I am in the same situation. I found out legally where I stand but morally i feel sick in the stomach about telling my new boss i'm pregnant. I start my new job next week and i will be 9 weeks pregnant! I have already asked for a morning off to go to the dentist (really me first scan). Not sure if i should wait and try and prove myself be for i tell her or should i tell her on day one. What are you going to do? What should i do? I am really scared of her reaction.


lmrod55 - September 12

If you feel that you must tell them - then when you get the offer, let them know that you would like to accept it but you JUST found out you were pregnant and wanted to make sure they knew in advance. I didn't tell my employer until I was past the 1st trimester, and I had only been working for them for a month. They were happy for me, but even more happy to hear that my plans were to work up until delivery and that I WOULD be back to work after my maternity leave. If the company was to resind the offer from you after learning of your pregnancy then that is illegal! Good luck.


luci - September 12

me to i would take the job your lucky your still in those early months where you can get a job. my husband is in the army and we just moved to a new location i was 2 months when i started looking for a job. and all the interviews i went to i of course told them that i was pregnant and i never got hired by anyone i thought i had a good chance but nobody wants to hire a pregnant person i have never felt this discriminated againts.



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