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pippay - October 19

hi all does anyone have any idea if you get 6months full pay from work on your materninty leave ?


JessDT - October 19

I think it depends on where you live. I live in Ontario Canada and here we get a total of 50 weeks paid materninty.


rl - October 19

yeah it depends on where you live also if your company has anything like short term disability that is how I got my maternity leave paid for. I would advise you to speak to your personnel dept they will know.


BaileysMummy - October 29

You women are lucky! It does depend on where you live, as rl said, I'd ask your personnel staff. In Australia, we get 52 weeks of unpaid maternity leave. Some government/corporate positions here do offer 6 weeks paid, or a longer period on a percentage of your income.


TJackson - November 2

It definitely does depend on where you live, and on your employer's policy. I live in the U.S. and the law here states that if you've been employed at your current place of employement for 1 year or more, then they are required to allow you up to 12 weeks of maternity/paternity leave, but they do not have to pay you for it. At my last job, they offered 12 weeks of 100% paid maternity leave without you even having to take any of your vacation or sick leave. Unfotunately, the company I work for now will let you have 12 weeks off, but they only pay you whatever sick/vacation time you have acc_mulated and choose to take. So it looks like I'll be taking 6 or 7 weeks off, 3 or 4 of which will be 100% non-paid. Oh well, Henry will certainly be worth it...I only wish I could take more!


kendall - December 15

I live in az and work for a very large company, if you have been at this company for at least a year you get 6 weeks for v____al del and 8 weeks for c-section, anything after that can be taken as short or long term disability which for me will be 65% of my pay, short term is up to 26 weeks, you could also look into FMLA


gypsyqueen - December 19

I live in Idaho, and since I work for a small company with less than 50 employees, I didn't qualify for the 12 week maternity leave. And even then, I had to take those 12 weeks before the baby is born(due Christmas day) because my job is centered around heavy lifting and somewhat unsafe working conditions(in a granite shop). Luckily the owners are pretty close with all the employees, and they're holding my position for me when I return.


laurenl - January 19

I'm a police officer in NC. I'm not sure how long they will hold my position but they don't "give" me any time. I have to use up my annual leave and sick time. I will be paid my full pay, but I'm using "my time".


squirrely4 - January 30

Well i live in Colorado and at my company we get 6 weeks paid for normal birth and then 8 weeks for c-section... and if i want longer time i would have to use short/long term disablity.


orchidmom - February 3

It depend on the place and the company where you work.. we normally get 3 months paid maternity leave


Jilloh - February 22

I got maternity leave because of FMLA but I had to have the time to take (personal/vacation) to be paid!


MrsShelton217 - April 3

I guess it all depends on where you work, where you live, etc. I just found out that the company I work for offers 12 weeks paid, and an additional 6 weeks unpaid. I don't know that I will be taking those extra 6 weeks. Who knows, I guess it's always there if I need it.


DaBonkElsMe - April 23

The US has the WORST options for maternity leave of any other country. Look at all of the UK, Canadian, Australian posters, then look at the US posters. The difference is astounding! In the US we are int_tled to 12 weeks, but the employer can decide if that will be paid, or unpaid leave!! In other countires, women get a whole year of paid maternity leave!! It's outrages!!



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