Maternity Leave

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Londa - January 3

My husband and I have been for the last two years trying to have a second child. I recently changed jobs (Nov. 2004) and found out I was pregnant in Dec. 2004. I was informed by the benefits department for the company I work for that I could not take maternity leave for one full year. Is there any way around this? Thank God I enrolled in Short Term Disability which would only pay up to 60% of my income. I think my due date is three months earlier then my 1-year mark at this job. What should I do? Should I challenge the "rule" or leave it alone and find another job as I do not think my position would be held for me.


Katharine - January 8

FMLA doesn't kick in until you have worked there for 12 months. I don't think they will change the rule because they don't have to. They obviously wanted you. Go to your supervisor with a solution, rather than a problem-e.g. I will be gone for 12 weeks, however, I will be able to complete any projects before I leave and begin new projects when I return. You may be able to do some work from home, although I know that isn't the best option. I don't think finding another job now would be beneficial, since you would have to leave that one also.


Julie Green - January 20

I am going to hace a baby in May and changed my jobs in October. In NZ you are int_tled to 13weeks paid parental leave if you have been imployed by that imployer for six months before your maternity leave starts. Contact your local Womans help centre.


lauren - January 28

they should by law let you have maternity leave my mum did and she has had five children do not worry if you lose yoyr job they will want you back


Londa - April 5

Well, I found out that the Short Term Disability determined that my pregnancy was considered a pre-term condition due to me taking a pregnancy test in Dec 28, 2004 and the insurance was not active until Jan 1, 2005 although they took my first payment out of my paycheck on Dec. 21, 2004. I requested 12 weeks of Leave without pay and was informed by my supervisor that my position could not be filled (the rules and regulations states the position can be filled) and if I do not take the 6 weeks he and his supervisor along with an office secretary suggested, I will be fired! What should I do? Can I fight this?


Cindy - April 9

Do you really want to work for a company that is like that to their employees? I would want to work for a company that values their employees. I personally, if you can, would work till your baby is born and then spend your time off looking for something else.


Kelly K - April 11

The new federal guidelines prohibit pregnancy from being a pre-existing condition. Whoever you talked to is in the wrong there. However, you are not eligible for FMLA which guarantees your position will be held for 12 weeks. If you were to change jobs you'd end up in the same situation again. I'd consult your HR department if you have one. If not, go over your supervisors head if you have to. Don't let them give you the short end of the stick.


Nadine - April 11

Yes you can fight it! You can fight pretty much anything. And, who is to say you took the test on Dec 28? Is it doc_mented at the dr's. If you start to fight it, they may not want the bad press. You won't make all friends at work, but at least you can keep your benefits and paycheck until YOU decide to check out.


Nadine - April 11

Also, once you have your plan, advise your supervisor that you are going to the next in line. He/she may have no say at this point, but if you keep them in the loop (a professional courtesy), and the chance arises, they may fight for you. You need a carefully thought out plan. Good luck.


Carol - April 18

You really can't fight the FMLA thing and as far as short term disability - it is probably different from company to company. I have mine throught AFLAC and they say you cannot collect for pregnancy until you have had the policy for ten months - in others words, the policy was in effect at the time you conceived. Also, sadly to say, in most states you can be terminated for any reason or no reason (work at will states). I am sorry not to be able to offer much more, but I would think about how it would be to work there is you did contest things...might not be a good situation in the end.


Beth - July 7

My Ob/Gyn Physician will not write a note to my employer to take my maternity leave before 38 weeks of pregnancy. I am per diem and I am a case manager RN for homecare and I want to take my leave at the end of my 7th month. What are my rights? I am not ent_tled to FMLA because I have not been employed for 12 months at this organization. My employer loves me but what the heck is goin on with this Doctor of mine. I am 37 years old, first pregnancy and I travel all over from town to town, in and out of car, up and down stairs. I am ready to take my leave.



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