Maturnity Leave

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Shelly Belly - October 18

My boss believes I have 6 weeks from the first day I leave work. Legally in the state of Maryland how long do we have? I do not get paid leave, but they are not required to hold my job after 6 weeks, apparently.???


michelle - October 28

Federal law has the family medical leave act (FMLA) and you legally get 12 weeks of unpaid leave per year.


Shelly Belly - October 30

Thanks for your info and time.


Jenny L - November 15

If you are paying SDI (State Disability Insurance) you have 6 weeks paid disability from the State, 8 weeks if it was C-section. Check your paycheck stubs to see if you have been paying SDI. You don't get your regular full salary, but it's better than nothing. FMLA changed their rules in July 2004 where they now offer paid leave as well. I believe it's still 12 weeks total (6 weeks paid and 6 weeks unpaid) Your doctor's office should have the forms for your convenience to complete and he/she will sign their portion and turn it in for you.


Michele - January 4

Hi I live in NJ and my due date is March 1st. I am having a c-section on the 23rd of February. Do I get four weeks of disability. 2/01-3/01 or 4 weeks before the 23rd of February


Emily - February 3

How long do I get for maturity leave?


Jane - February 3

Hi, I am working in NYC and living in NJ. I did not have SDI (State Disability Insurance) on my paycheck stub. Does that mean my maternity leave will be unpaid?


To: Shelly - February 15

I am in MD as well and not all employers fall under family medical leave--- mine doesn't. The best thing to do is come up with 2 lists- what you want and what you need. I sat down with my boss who I had only been employed a short while and we negotiated a plan and put everything in writing. I had to compromise on some points and so did he. In the end though we have reached what I believe is a great blend for both of us.


Melissa - February 16

Does anyone know the laws for the state of WV?


PP - February 16

Yes I just moved from there WV I mean. If your employer does not fall under the FMLA you are ent_tled to 12 weeks of unpaid leave in which they must hold your position provided you have been with the employer for 12 months. I moved from the taylor county area.


michelle - March 1

Fmla only applies to employers with at least 50 employees.


???? - March 5

is maternity leave the same as family leave? maternity before you have the baby and family leave so you can bond with your baby?


J - March 7

Yes maternity leave is the same as family leave. FMLA says by law if a company has more than 50 employees that you are ent_tled to 12 weeks unpaid leave. If you opted for disability insurance you can get some of it paid for. Check your company policy. My company did not let me know that disability insurance applied to pregnancy and I didn't get it.


Pamela - March 29

Does anyone know the laws for TN. I work for the state and they 1) don't offer short term disability 2) claim that any leave taken as a result of a birth is unpaid leave.


Tiffany - March 29

There is also Paid family leave which most states offer which is 6 weeks paid (same rate as SDI) and 6 weeks unpaid. You should ask your HR dept for all of the info. THey have to supply you with it.


Kelly K - March 31

Pamela - Unfortunately here in TN we're pretty much on our own if your company doesn't offer short term disability. We do not have a state program. However, since you work for the state and they have more than 50 employee you are eligible for FMLA. It will provide you up to 12 weeks unpaid leave and your position is protected. The new FMLA regulations allow you to use your accrued vacation, sick and personal time while on leave.



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