Military Moms Please Help

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avareysmom - January 20

I'm in the navy and am just comming off of my pregnancy tour. I just got stationed to a ship that will be going in and out of port until september when they leave on a 6 month deployment . I can't leave my baby If i go to the ship then my husband will have to move to texas to get help from his parents and I will rarely see my baby till may 07 when i get out. does any one know any way I cant get out early any advise? please help me I can't leave her shes my everything.


j - January 22

Talk to your career advisor or first shirt. They are in the position to help in a situation like that.


kris A. - January 23

When I was active duty, you had to sign a dependency care certificate, or you were processed out. Have they given you one yet? It says who will be caring for your child. Dont sign it. It is your ticket out. They will pressure you and say you have to, but tell them there is NOONE that you will trust with your child, and husband cant do it alone. I signed mine and joined up with my ship in the gulf during the first war - my twins were 6 weeks old and I was gone for four months. My oldest was 19 months at the time. I cried every day, but did get through it, and went on to have a great Navy life - I still work for the Navy as govt service, but have a permanent job. I wish you the best and if you have any other questions, feel free - I was navy for 8 years and did the whole ship/shore rotation thing the whole time...


avareysmom - January 24

Thanks for the advice I haven't signed one yet. Thanks! My whole career the navy has caused me nothing but grief, So i don't know why I should suffer leaving her when all they've done is hold me down.


Jamie - January 24

Were you not given the option to chapter during your pregnancy? That's how I got out of the Army. Anyway, yeah, with the armythere's a family care plan requirement, but if your spouse is a civilian it doesn't apply.


avareysmom - January 24

No I did not, I'm married to a civie. The navy will only let you out when your pregers if the father is not around and you don't have anyone to help out. .......I went to the chaplin to try to get help and he just told me to get pregnant again! I want more kids but not back to back like this.



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