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c - June 20

i am thinking of being a nanny for a 6 mos old baby. me and my 3 mos old would watch him 20 hrs a week. we live in so. cal. - she wants to know salary requirements.... what would you pay your nanny???


Stephanie - June 20

We are looking into day cares and for my baby to go to daycare 8 hours a day for 5 days it costs anywhere form 125 and up a week. Depending on what all you will be doing for the baby and the family you can charge anywhere in that range and up. We also live in Arkansas, so you would automatically charge more! Hope this helps!


Katharine - June 22

Before my daughter was born, she's four now, in-home providers in our fairly rural area of Illinois charged ~$70/week. We will pay ~$180/week for our new daughter to be in a day care infant room (Was $157 four years ago).


Katharine - June 22

You will also need to determine what benefits you will receive and how that will affect your pay. I believe there was an article in Child magazine a few months ago, so you might check their website for ideas.


c - June 25

thanks for your help. i've found that most people are comfortable with $10 to $12 an hour for my area (San Diego). it didn't work out with the women previously mentioned. she wanted someone who would have plenty of time to clean as well. i wouldn't have that time while watching two infants. i've also found that initially people like the idea of me watching their baby and mine as well... but then are put off by liability issues, and whether or not their child would get enough individual attention. it has been tough to break those barriers and find a good match.


Ginny - October 12

In college, I worked part time as a nanny to 4 children, and was paid $7 an hour, which was better than other part time jobs. I would call some nanny provider agencies to see what they charge in your area. Make sure you get paid what you're worth!


to stephanie - October 21

why is stephanie even bothering to have a baby if she plans to dump it in daycare full time? You know they just lay there and are only acknowledged when its feeding time or nap time, each to their own


karine - October 21

Who are you to nag stephanie like that. YES not everyone like to put their kids in daycare 8hrs/day 5day/week. But hey! everyine has to make a living!!! i decided not to do that, i have a daycare at home with my kids. but not everyone is meant to stay home.



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