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Smilefull - January 24

So, I've had some fabulous tips and advice from you gals so I wanted to put this out there. How do you divide the housework in your family? Here's my vent: I hate housework. I thoroughly admit it, but I do it---over and over again, and I hate it but I keep doing it because it's my responsibility. The house seems to be falling backward eventhough I work as much as I emotionally can handle. It's the most demoralizing thing to me ever. I seriously get so angry, resentful and upset about it. I'll do a couple of hours a day till I want to scream, then I stop. Or I'll let a few days go by and then go all out till everything is spotless. My husband however, believes he is doing me favour by taking the kids for an hour before they go to sleep and by making dinner about 3 times a week. So I asked him if he wouldn't mind taking responsibility for the laundry and trash and I'll do EVERYTHING else. So fast forward 3 weeks later..I wish I could post the pic mountain of laundry that currently is lying in my FRONT porch. It was in my bedroom. It got to the point where no one has anything to wear. I asked him about it and now he says we'll he never really agreed to it and then starting telling me how I don't do a good job at keeping the house clean anyways.. Seriously this is going to lead to a divorce, because I am so angry and resentful I can SCREAM. I'm seriously taking me and the kids and moving into a hotel----but we can't afford that, so I'll just be setting everything up for more stress..a.rggghhh.. HELP PLEASE!!! HELP!!!


vanessawho - January 25

I hear you! Same problem day in and day out. Husband won't take out trash, do dinner dishes or help me with laundry. I throw the trash on the deck, I told him I won't cook for him if he won't do the dishes and I throw his clean laundry on the floor if he won't help. Harsh and a little nasty? Yes. But so is that caked on soap sc_m on the bottom of the shower that somehow became my job to sc___pe off since I stay home with our baby. I work nights from home 8 to 3am mon to sat. SO the house is messy a lot and the laundry piles up a lot and dinner is served late a lot. And as soon as one room is clean another is a mess again. We had a discussion. I get his help on weekends or I will make him move out and he can see his daughter twice a month (maybe I was fibbing) It seemed to make him realize I was serious. They seem to think being a stay at home mom is easy, but I don't see my husband volunteering to trade places either! Good luck!



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