New Job 11 Weeks

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chrissi79 - July 11

Hello out there. So I am in a slight bind, and i'm having trouble deciding when and what to say. I have JUST recently started a new job (a week and a half ago), but received the job offer the first week in June. I am 11 weeks as of this thursday and am going to start showing soon, not to mention needing some time in the afternoons to attend prenatal appointments (which of COURSE are only available till about 3:00!). The job is going very well, and everyone is very nice, and seem to have taken well to me. I'm anxious about when to say something, and if they will let me go within my 3 months probation?? Has anyone dealt with something similar recently? I don't think they will let me go (plus the job is not difficult, reception, clerical, some easy accounting), but I think I need some advice about when to say something.?? Any thoughts?? Thanks!!


amanda103 - July 11

I would wait until you're out of the first trimester. Because so much can happen during the first tri (God forbid). And if they ask you why you waited to tell them, you can tell them exactly that, you wanted to be sure this was a sticky pregancy before you announced it to everyone. Good Luck.


krbarrett - July 12

I am starting a new job this coming week and found out about two weeks ago I am also 11 wks pregnant. I told my new job that I was pregnant and that I understood if they didn't want to take me still and they were very open and told me it was fine. Hopefully you will get the same. Good luck to you! :)


chrissi79 - July 13

My only thing is I wasn't even NEAR 11 wks when I took the offer, it was so early, so I was very cautious about saying anything to anyone. I'm hoping in a couple weeks, once out of the first tri they'll be understanding as to why I wouldn't have said anything before hand. ?? It seems like they will be, very nice office and the people here are great! Thanks for your answer, makes me feel a little better, I'll just have to cross my fingers. :)



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