New Job And Pregnant

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sam - March 21

i have landed the job of my dreams but am terrified to tell them i am pregnant as im scared they will sack me. i desperately need this job because i have been out of work for a while and having money problems. what should i do? surely if i sign a contract they have no right to sack me. I will be returning to work when baby comes. should i wait a couple of months before i tell them and say i just found out? please help me!


sam - March 23



jessica - March 24

i think you should it union?? usually you don't have to tell anyone until 10 weeks before you are do....look into their regulations.......


? - March 28



sam - March 28

im 11 weeks along today. im getting so worried from what ive read on this forum, with women being fired when theyve told their boss their expecting


Vanessa - April 3

They can't fire you..because this falls under discrimination. Plus the books recommend that you wait until you're sure..if they ask you why you didn't tell the before, say you didn't know...


lala - April 8

I strongly recommend that you wait until you start to show a little and tell them. I had a job that I worked really hard to get and when they told me that I had the job, I told them I was pregnant and they said never mind. There are major loop holes in the discrimination law and they happened to fall into one so there was nothing I could do but be disappointed. At my new job that I am currently at, I told my boss when I was 10 weeks and he didnt even ask why I didnt tell him at first. If they ask you that either say you didnt know or tell them that you wanted to prove that you could do a good job before they made a decision based on pregnancy.


Maren - April 17

Legally they can't sack you. As long as you are still doing your job. There are sights with specifics. I am worried too because I recently got a job and my husband and I are planning to have baby soon, possibly preg. now. It is scary, I feel your pain.


Maren - April 17

Expecially with a contract they can't fire you. If you feel really insecure about it you could also get some legal advice before mentioning to your boss


jen - June 28

I was offered a job 2 months ago. I start the Secound week of July at that time I will be 14 weeks pregnant. I have not told them yet. I want to tell them but I do not know how with out losing the job


Lupe - June 28

Hi ladies! I am on the same boat, but let me tell you something, you are not obligated to tell your employer about your condition,unless you are near your due date, and your position needs to be filled, it's like any other condition you may have ie: diabetes, cancer etc. I'm a nurse and work in E.R and this pregnancy is not affecting my performance!


To Sam - June 29

Another thing....tell them you were waiting till the first trimester was over to make sure nothing would go wrong with the pregnancy (a LOT of women do that, because the first trimester is when miscarriage chances are highest) should they ask!


Casey - June 30

Don't tell them until it is absolutely necessary (i.e. you are showing) and then tell them the news. They have no right to fire you!! If they do so it is discrimination and you will surely have a case. Hopefully you will not need to worry about that. Obviously you plan to return to work so you have the right att_tude. I think your pregnancy is the most important thing to concentrate on at this point, don't stress out about the job. All you do is tell your boss and that although you realize the timing is not best, you will work up until the 9th month and show you are a company loyal person. You'll be fine. I wish you luck and happiness with your pregnancy!



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