Offered A Promotion The Day B4 I Found Out Pregnancy

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smatsunaga - April 22

I work for a large hotel, and was finally offered a promotion as a supervisor... since my son is now 3 and i was going to be able to be flexible with my schedule. I have been given a thousand supervisory roles, which I have been doing...but i have not been officialy promoted and not given a raise. Now, I just found out that I am pregnant...and ecstatic!! WHAT DO I DO ABOUT MY JOB?!? i definately am not able to commit to what they have previously asked of me, (morning sickness is pretty bad...and working weekends have not been easy for my 3 year old to adjust to...) I've read to wait until my 2nd trimester to tell my work.....but my promotion's been on hold...and when it does come back up...i dont know what to tell them........... any advice?? thanks ladies!!


AngelinLuv - April 25

I would tell them now. Just say something like "Due to new circ_mstances, I won't be able to accept the promotion. I apologize"


ezwaggy - May 22

Take the promotion and tell them later you're pregnant. It's illegal for them to let you go b/c you're pregnant. Unless you don't think you're able to do the job, then tell them now .


heavenly2 - July 2's it going with your job? did you tell them and/or did you get the promotion? I would say take the promotion you deserve it... and try to do your best and then tell them later about your pregnancy...from my opinion you already doing supervisory job just not getting paid for it you might as well get the paid. If you don't then they probably won't ever give it to you again many jobs tend to discriminate pregnant woman because our condition prevent us from being full productive but in most states they can't fire you for being pregnant...good luck...


smatsunaga - July 2

thanks for all your replies ladies!! heavenly2.... you are absultely right!! I am NOT getting paid for all the supervisory things that they have me I just told them that I was expecting, and they cut my workload....ALOT. so i dont really do anything but snack and sleep at work now. lol.... but i am happy with what i am doing now, so no complaints!! thank you soooo much for your response though!! xoxoxox



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