Pregnancy Amp College

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ParkersWife - June 19

I'm looking for any advice or suggestions as far as finishing college and planning a pregnancy. I have friends who have taken off a semester and friends who have stayed in school and went back a week after giving birth! I have 2 years left and I'm going to school to be an elementary teacher. My husband and I have been married for one year & I'm ready for a little one! He says he wants to wait 6 more months. So if anyone could leave advice or tell me how you planned a pregnancy while still in college, I would greatly appreciate it!!


MelissaP - June 19

Have you ever thought of completing your degree online?? I go through University of Phoenix and LOVE it. I am going to have my business deree in December. All of it has been online. But mine is just an a__sociates program. I have no idea what the schedule is like for the bachelors program, if you have to go to a campus once a week or whatever..or what you have to do to complete your credentials. You should look into it and see what they have to is soo convenient to get an education from helps me balance work and my family! =)


ParkersWife - June 20

Well I'm enrolled at a University for this fall...and my husband wants us to wait til after Christmas before we start trying. But I would rather start trying now so the baby will be due in April/May..I really don't want to get behind in school.


MelissaP - June 21

I know what you mean. We are currently ttc and I need to have this kid before I enroll in the radiology program next summer. Because once I start, there is no stopping. I want to have my baby a few months before the program so I could have time to bond and let him/her get a little bigger. I could be pregnant right now, just waiting it out. If I am, I will be due in march and that will give me 5 months with the baby. So here's to hoping! =)


dmjdjw336 - October 5

I have two years left in college as well but well things did not work out as I would have liked. I got pregnant in the spring of 08 and going to college and finishing out the semester was ok. Even working during the summer did not give me much problems. But going back to school this fall did not work out like I would have hoped. During the first week I had so much problems just getting around campus and carrying my books that I had to withdraw. That was not what I wanted to do. I would have liked to stay there and have the baby at the end of term like the doctor said, which I am still waiting since I am 30 weeks pregnant and then go back for the spring semester after the month break. But life does not work out like we plan. We have to think of the baby not ourselves no matter what we want to do having a baby chances everything. I am not even sure if I can go back to school for I worry about this unborn child more than anything any more. Having a baby changes everything. If you are up to the challenge I say go for it, but if not at least give yourself time to finish because it is so hard to go back once you withdraw or quit. Even after so many years of being with the child and taking care of it until such an age that you can go back. I have talked to many mothers and it is hard for them now to do both because parenting and being pregnant is a full time job. Do what you can while you can before you have a child. That is my advice because I now know from experience and listening to other moms as well. FYI I am 20 years old and having a child was not apart of my plan but plans do not work out with liife and God's will for you.



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