Pregnant And Wants To Resign HELP

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HELP! - October 25

Hi there! Im 10w4d and Im plannin on takin maternity leave and not coming back or just resigning up to the point where I cant handle work anymore. I work in a Call Ctr and Im constantly on the phone 7 hrs aday and I hardly stands up not unless Id go to the restroom or take my 1 hr lunch break. My OB had ask me if this work environment is stress free? I consider it........NOT. I feel bad for my hubby but I just wanna find a job that I could do some walkin n standing from time to time. But once I have our baby out, Im plannin on becoming a stay at home. This is my 1st pregnancy and it took us 3yrs to make this....I wanna spend as much as I can w/ our baby. Does anybody feels the same? Any advice would be appreciated. THanks!


MOM - November 3

If you can afford to say home then thats fine but if you need the money and you stress your husband out it will not be a happy sitution at home either. I say look at your finance and talk to your husband good luck


KFish - November 3

are you getting benefits from your current employer? If you are, you might ask them not to pay for anything while you are off work. I know my employer, if I decide not to come back, we bill me for the amount of benefits they have been paying to the providers while I was off work.


DB - November 4

I'm 13 weeks and have not told work yet. I'm not planning on coming back either. This is all around a stessful time for us physically, emotionally and for our husbands emotionally, mentally and financially. We try to just take it in stride I totally can understand the guys getting stressed thats alot on them. But also realize your raising your child not someone else thats pretty priceless. If things were to get bad then your able to pick up something parttime to help, which can also be a night or two a week or a weekend day giving your husband and baby time alone while you get out and have outside interaction. If your stressed now it's not good for the baby so find something lower key and enjoy this time. I keep thinking this is the last of everything when it's just my husband and me so I want to enjoy it and not make it harder on us. Hope that helps some.


HELP! - November 15

I am now 14wks pregnant. The Co. Im working for offer short term disability but Im contemplating whether to apply or not.....coz of the fact that Im plannin on coming back at all. Im not sure if let say during the 12wks that Im paid under short term disability and once thats up.....Do I have to pay them back or what? I havent talk to my HR yet about it. I dont want them to think that Im quiting or whatever but I just need some information. Right now, honestly speakin I dont know if I should come back to work or not....Its so hard to make a decision. Eeeeeek!


C - November 19

To Help: As long as it's short term disability you do not have to pay this back. I personally would wait until you get your money and then tell them you are not coming back. Anything your company personally pays you, you might have to pay back if you signed something before taking it. Regular short term dissability that is offered by a company is like an insurance. They pay into it whether you take it or not. Your pay will come from whatever company they use, at my company it is Mutual of Omaha. I got my pay in one lump sum when my son was about 4 weeks old. The reason I wouldn't tell them ahead of time is because they may find a reason to let you go if they know you aren't coming back. Don't give them that option. I would just say you plan to come back after 6-12 weeks. Once you're on leave just tell them you can't afford daycare or can't handle leaving your child. They'll be a little upset but it happens all the time. I swore up and down I'd return, and honestly if I could have afforded to stay home, I would have changed my mind.


HELP! - November 21

Thank you C for your feedback. I called our SRC csr for std benefits and Im qualified for that 50% base wkly salary and max. pay of $125 per wk. Not sure though what me getting it lump sum. (that would have been nice, right?) Newei, they also said they would pay me up to 6 mos of std benefits and I dont have to pay them back because I've earned them. It has nothing to do w/ the 12 wks unpaid leave under FMLA. Im just happy I got this all straighten out. Now.....on the brighter Im still not sure whether Im coming back to work or not.....We'll just have to see and wait. Thanks again1


Shell - December 7

I wanted to resign when I was pregnant - it is a very emotional time and I wondered if the sick/tired/emotional feelings where clouding my judgment. So I decided not to make a rash decision and after baby went back to that job.. which bought me time to look for another job (found a GREAT job!) after I was back because I figured out it wasn't just me being pregnant - my old employers really were b___theads! good luck!


Dawn - December 7

I decided to quit and stay home. We did the math. It costs a lot to go to work and pay for daycare. Work clothes, lunches out, dry cleaning, hair styling, manicures, convience foods for dinner,etc. Now I make money by cutting down on costs. I cook from scratch, clip coupons, use towels and cloth napkins instead of buying paper towels and paper napkins, I don't go out to lunch every day and I wear cloths that don't need dry cleaning. I also use cloth diapers. I b___stfeed so we save the cost of formula. There are lots of ways to cut costs and my new job is to find them, and be a mommy of course. I LOVE my new job!


jessielouwho - December 19

I will not be returning to work after the baby I was just thinking that we will be struggling w/o my income but you are so right! I never thought of any of that, not to mention gas money, the way prices are now-a-days! How encouraging, thanks!!


Tess - January 3

I am also plannin on not coming back after my maternity leave. Ive decided to be a stay at home mom plus this is our 1st baby :) Im sure everything will be okay.



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