Propose Working From Home To Boss

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campml - May 3

I would like to work from home after my baby is born and am looking for some advice as to how to present this to my employer. No one in my department currently works from home but it is possible with the type of work that I do. What is the best way to approach this subject with my boss?


mom42 - May 6

Go to your boss with a solution, rather than a problem. It doesn't matter what is best for you. How is this best for your company? Have a written proposal prepared with solutions to all the problems that may arise. How will you check in? How will you provide your boss with quant_tative evidence of your productivity? What will it cost for you to be outfitted to work at home? What are the benefits for the office-someone to answer after-hours e-mail, to work flexible hours, not take up space in the office, etc.? Think through EVERY possible outcome and be prepared to answer any question that might come up. Remember, it is all about the solution that you are providing. Don't make it into a problem for your boss.


itsapinupthing - May 8

mom42, that was great advice. I've been thinking about that also, I do not have anyone working fromhome inour department and i think it might not be an option,but I really do want to suggest it, just so I don't regret not asking later on.


Sam - May 8

It doesn't hurt to try. I did all the things Mom42 suggested, and was still denied. I even met with the owner of the company. I really thought I'd get my proposed "work from home part time" arrangement, but I didnt. So I took my maternity leave and while on it, polished up my resume and am looking for a job and considering freelance work. I guess my advice is similar: be prepared to respond to every possible reaction. Good luck!!


ConfuseD - May 9

I wish more bosses saw the value in letting people work from home. Mom42, I agree that it's important to highlight the solutions to a problem, but some employers just don't "get it", when presented with solutions. What gets me is that, all too often, if a male employee presented the solutions, chances are he'd be taken more seriously than a woman with the same solutions. Think about many men vs. how many women work from home for companies?



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