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july25th - January 17

I'm almost 18....May 22nd....I know thats young to be getting pregnant, trust me I do. I am happy that I am having a baby. I'm due after I graduate and so I will be done with school. My mama mother and my boyfriend said that they don't want me to work....I just hate feeling like a baby and I know that sooner or later I am going to want to work. So should I be worried that they are treating me like this or should I just take special treatment and just wait to get a job like they want me to?????


Ann1 - January 18

If I were you, I would wait until after you have the baby, and see how you feel about it then. As busy as you will be with a newborn, you probably won't feel much like working at first, if you don't have to. One big thing you will have to decide is what you will do with your baby, if you go to work. I don't mean this as a criticism, but with just a high school education, it may be difficult to cover daycare expenses with the salary you will make. If I were you, I would think long and hard about my long-term career goals. If that involves needing further education and given that you don't HAVE To work yet, you could check with local colleges and trade schools to see what they can do to a__sist with childcare while you are in cla__s. Best of luck to you.


tryingx3 - January 24

Maybe you could "work" on your degree through an on-line program and still be home with your baby and be working toward a career for later.


orchidmom - February 3

I think that you just wait until the baby is born.. but it is very necessary if you go for higher education. good luck!


78kittycat - May 7

why not wait till your baby is born, then, when you are ready, work part time in a shop (one where they have a chain, not an independant one) or bank, then when your child is older you may be able to become a manager etc... then with managment you can, in the long term, trans. your skills anywhere (within reason). All this rubbish about needing further education!! I got an art and design degree and now work in a bank! If i'd gone straight into that after school/college I'd be a lot futher up and have a higher wage just for having been there longer. Honestly, unless you want to be a doctor, dentist, teacher etc... you don't need it, plus being at uni. gives you some serious debt and not always a way of paying it off at the end!! Plus its also cheeper to have the cost of children younger in life, due to inflation etc.... don't worry about a thing, enjoy having your baby etc.. just work when you are ready but just don't stay at home for ever, it will rot your brain! Exccept you don't sound the type as you are already asking advice on the matter, good luck and congrats.



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