Should I Tell My New Employer

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M - May 3

I'm currently 8 weeks pregnant and just got a job offer. Am I required to tell my new boss about my situation? Can the company revoke the offer once they find out that I'm pregnant? Please advise!


NickieDo - May 9

You are NOT obligated to tell them you are preg. and they CAN'T ask! go to and look for your state's pregnancy laws and regulations, it has helped me a ton!


Kim - May 14

The same situation happened to me except I was 12 weeks pregant. When I received the job offer, I told the HR rep my situation. He told me that it did not make a difference and that he would not be telling my future supervisor, that was my responsibility. I told my supervisor my first day and she was surprisingly supportive. I hope yours will be too!


Sara - May 24

I was terminated from my job after advising them I was preg, I hired an attorney that you dont pay unless you win the case, then he gets a 1/3 of what you get, I ended up winning the case 8,000 settlement.....


KellyB - June 1

you are still in a sensitve stage, anything can still happen at this point. I didn't tell my current employer until 5 months. Now I just got a new job starting in 2 weeks and after the 3 interview when she asked if I had any upcoming vacations planned I told her I was 7 mo. prego. She had no idea. Guess what? I got the job anyway! I was very upfront with them and honest, but I had no choice at 7mo prego. P.S. My job is a HR Manager, so I am and they are fully aware of the laws. You are not obligated to tell them, nor would I tell them at only 8 weeks. We only told IMMEDIATE family at 8 weeks.


Claire - June 8

I think it depends on the situation. I am 22 weeks pregnant, and I was recently called in for another interview at a place where I had interviewed about a month ago. They were set to hire me, and due to advice that I had been given (and my conscience) I decided I should be up front about it. I figured that it would be better than developing a large belly in front of them without saying anything. Well, of course, that completely changed their mind about me. In a way I am glad that I am not working there because it was at an architectural gla__s studio and they use some harmful chemicals that I did not know about until I brought up my pregnancy to them, and they warned me. However, be prepared, since most employers see a pregnancy as a liability.



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