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Maria - January 23

Is anyone familuar with I am looking to stay at home after my baby comes and have pleny of office skills. I am just very skeptical about home business opportunitues, however I looked into SohoJobs and they seem pretty legit. Has anyone every found a jobs through


steveno - April 4

I LOVE SOHOjobs. I joined a few months back and got a job right away as a home based customer service agent. The following month I was offered a better job as an administrative a__sistant from my home. I have two small children so I wanted to find something that would let me work at home but I wasn't having any luck at all until I joined up with SOHOjobs. Once you join you can login to their forum, they post new jobs every week and you can communicate with the other members. I was really impressed when I read the forums and saw how many other people were getting hired too. The site is so great. I couldn't be more pleased with the service and support that I got. Good luck with your job search. Mandy Noble


shaylan.rae - April 5

yeah, but how much do you have to pay? i dont think anyone should ever have to PAY to work. isnt it supposed to be the other way around?


shaylan.rae - April 5

wow. i just checked it out, and it really seems like a good place. hopefully i will get some interviews. i hate those places that make you pay before you work for them. that is just ridiculous. anyhow, im glad i checked it out. steveno, did you pay for the membership or did you just find a job that was offered for non-members?


mewilk - April 5

To steveno, thank you for your reply! I have been waiting a while for someone to reply. I am due to have my baby in about 7 weeks and plan on subscribing once I have the baby. It really looks like a good service. To Shaylan, you don't have to pay a dime and still get jobs, but you have a better chance of getting jobs by subscribing to there newsletter, which is 24.95 for 6 months or 99.95 for a lifetime. Most of the companies require you to use the software- GO TO MY PC- which you can sign up on a free trial and see how it goes. Hopefully you can land a job during the free trial. If not the cost to have the program is about $24 a month. They require this program because you are a work at home employee and if you leave your home, say on vacation or someone's house, you can download the work from any location, or print from any location, ect.... Soho Jobs looks to me to be considered a job placement center for people who want to work at home. It seems very legit to me. I will give it a try in a couple of months. Thanks everyone!


ConfuseD - April 7

I'm curious about at-home work. Most of the time, I think the "opportunities" are actually scams. How long has anybody here worked for SohoJobs? Are you "independent contractors" (because if you are, you're basically self-employed and have to pay more in taxes)? I formerly had an at-home job, which was payrolled, and I worked for that company for 9 years. I'm looking into working for them again, but in the meantime, have considered other possibilities, if they prove to be legit, and yield realistic incomes.


steveno - April 7

Hi, I got my job after signing up with SOHOjobs. I think I paid about $25 for my subscription. It was worth every dime! And I didn't have to download any software or purchase software or anything like that, like someone else here mentioned. I've seen two or three jobs that want you to have certain software like Frontpage, or Quickbooks or GotomyPC, but most jobs I see listed with SOHOjobs do not have any requirements like that. I am making $9.50 per hour and I am working about 30 hours per week from home. I do not work for SOHOjobs. They are just the subscription company. I work for one of the companies that is listed with SOHOjobs. I have not encountered any scams. mewilk - congats and good luck with your new bundle of joy. My baby was born last month!


mewilk - April 8

Thank you steveno! I am so excited to here that it worked out for you and I am just so anxious to see what kind of work I can do at home once I subscribe. I am glad to here that you don't need to download certain programs with all the companies. I guess once you subscribe you have get to see more employers than that listed on the main website. Thank you for your input and good luck!


Thorsmommy - April 9

I joined a few months ago and I've been not only pleased but also surprised! There are a lot of good jobs listed. I got hired as a virtual a__sistant working from my home about three weeks after joining sohojobs. I get a paycheck every two weeks. I've joined many other services online but this one is the best by far. They are legit and the jobs are real. And yes - after you join you will get access to the private forum ( ) where all the good jobs are listed. There are hundreds and hundreds of job leads there and no scams. I highly recommend!


Aimes - April 25

Anyone that works for them--how do they pay you if you work from your house. I mean as far as working the right amount of hours. Is it like they give you a list of things you need to complete in the 40 hours and if you don' t complete them, you're paid less. Just not sure how it all works. Any info would be great . Thanks


Thorsmommy - May 3

I do not think you understand how it works. You pay a onetime fee which is pretty small. Then they will give you access to all of the work at home jobs. All the jobs have different systems. For me, I get paid through a direct deposit into my bank checking account. I get paid every two weeks but all jobs are probably different.


Aimes - May 3

No, I get that it's contracted with another company. I mean how do they monitor the work you do and the hours? Say you are full time... at the beginning of the week do they give you a stack or list of things to complete by teh end of the week, or what? A regular office you have someone who knows what you do everyday, but if you're at home, how do they monitor that you are actually working full time, or does it even matter. I am very efficent, so it may only take me 30 hours out of a week to do work, when someone else may do it in 40, so... See where I am going? I didn't mean how do you get a pay check


Aimes - May 8

Just checking to see if anyone has read this. NOt much action on this thread!


Thorsmommy - May 15

Oh Iam sorry. To answer your question: I work as a virtual a__sistant. I have set hours. We usually start with a morning meeting and then I login to see my work in the folders. I try to get finished as much as I can in the time that I work. They do not monitor my hours but I guess that they know I am working because of the amount of work I transfer to the COMPLETED folder each day. They want me to work fast but they are also concerned with accuracy. But this is just my job. SOHO Jobs lists hundreds of jobs so they are all going to be different with regards to how they monitor your work. Ive seen jobs listed with them that require call counts or check-ins. So it all depends on the employer. But with my current job I guess its based on the quality of the completed work and the amount in the COMPLETED folder at the end of the work day. I hope this helps!


Atarahsmommy - May 30

what kind of experience did you need for these jobs?


bellsmom - July 3

I was just wondering, since 2 of you had have such great experiences with SOHO how did it all happen so quickly for you guys. I submitted all of my information to them and about 2 weeks later they finally responded to me that they had received it. Then about another week later I got another email stating that my payment was received (which it was charged to my acct. weeks ago) and that I needed to register. So I went to the website and registered and I was sent another email stating that it could take up to 24-48 hours to activate and I would receive another email with all of my log in information. Well it has now been another 2 weeks since then and I still haven't had any luck. I have emailed them, I have even searched around the whole SOHO web site and have found 2 specific email address' and emailed them also and still haven't heard a thing. It has been almost 2 months now since my acct. was charged. How did you guys get such immediate action and is there anyway you guys could help me so that I might be able to access this site as well?


Thorsmommy - September 19

I couldn't say. I didn't have any of those problems. Maybe there was an issue with your payment or something. If you are using email like aol or hotmail or yahoo you had better check your junk folder because that is where most of my mail ends up. You should also put the words PRIORITY CUSTOMER SUPPORT in the subject line of your email because members get priority support. But like I said, I've never had any problem like yours so I can't really be much help. I was offered another job last week through SOHO. Its was for a virtual customer agent paying $10 per hour. This is the third job offer that I've gotten after joining.



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