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Thorsmommy - September 19

I couldn't say. I didn't have any of those problems. Maybe there was an issue with your payment or something. If you are using email like aol or hotmail or yahoo you had better check your junk folder because that is where most of my mail ends up. You should also put the words PRIORITY CUSTOMER SUPPORT in the subject line of your email because members get priority support. But like I said, I've never had any problem like yours so I can't really be much help. I was offered another job last week through SOHO. Its was for a virtual customer agent paying $10 per hour. This is the third job offer that I've gotten after joining.


Mom_of_2 - January 20

I was wondering if anyone is still having good luck with I am thinking about signing up because I need a job for money and I have a 6 month old and a 2 1/2 year old. Those of you who do work for them and have kids are you able to take care of your kids and work too? Like if I wanted to work in the evenings or at night or work while my husbands home to take care of the kids or work on it while the kids are taking a nap do they have jobs that I can do the with Hope this makes sense.


jwhite - February 6

So who all has had good luck with this website?? Did you all have to pay? Have the jobs lasted? I really want to stay home.....


Pipa - April 28

Is it possible for me to do something like this while in grad school? I would really like to bring some income into my house but my husband and I are both in school, he works, we'll have a kid in Nov, and we only have one car. Therefore the only thing that will really work is for me to work from home if even that.


durante baby - May 20

how about part time work? Is that even availible?.......What kind of work and responsibilities do they exspect from you? Never heard of this sight before, and everybody is saying I should work from home while on my maternity leave


nai - May 28

I paid the fee for SOHOJOBS and I have no access to the site. I paid on the 18th so its been over a week. It claims my account is pending!!! I sent them 2 emails and in one i threatened to file a dispute through paypal...Still no respone. I am looking for online work, I am a full time student and I am currently pregnant. Since the semester is over and I am having such a rough pregnancy i wanted to find a work from home job. I m looking to work for a legit company, no telemarketing and i dont want to start my own business. If anyone has any leads please share!! Thank you


ChelleBean - July 17

Is anyone by chance, still doing SOHO jobs? The last post was from 2006, but I'm having some trouble. I signed up on Friday and still have not gotten my account info (today is Tuesday). I contacted "customer service", but no response.


tsnow2 - August 17

I too just subscribed to Soho (end of July 2007) and haven't heard anything from them. Can't be in contact with customer service, no response to emails, They haven't even taken the fee from my account. Anyone have any recent info on them? Thanks, Teena


TeriK - March 9

I too, love sohojobs. I have been hired by 3 companies. I need to hold off submitting anymore applications, as I seem to get interviews :o) There is a membership fee. You are not paying to work, you are paying to be a member of this wonderful website that has posting for hundreds of companies looking to hire people to work from their home. It is a one time fee. You decide what membership level you wish to join. It is well worth the $24.95 To me, it is a great resource tool for everyone who wants to work from home with a real company and make real money. I encourage you to check out the site again and sign up for their free newsletter. If you wish, you can provide my id# au8tkat and they may offer you a discount membership - $14.95 Let me know if you have additional questions. Teri K


TeriK - March 9

For those that signed up with and have not received your log in. That happened to me when I decided to renew my membership. I waited about a week and decided to submit my membership form again...and then it worked. I felt it must have been an error on my part, as I did not receive a confirmation of payment, nor was I charged. It is a great forum and they are there to help us. i hope this helps to ease your mind. I encourage you to give it another chance :o) Let me know if you have questions or need help! Teri K


CatsMommy - May 9

I'm very interested in finding a 'at home' position! I currently work full time now, I've got a 3 1/2 year old and one due in October. For now, I'm looking for something part-time, then eventually full-time once the baby is born and I quit my other job. Has anyone out there been successful in finding a part-time position through SOHOjobs?


TeriK - May 9

Hi Catsmommy I have been working part time from home with a couple companies that I found on I have been very pleased with my experience and continue to view the job postings just to keep my options open. I currently earn an extra $150 a week working from home thanks to I hope this helps. If it helps, you can use my name as the person who referred you. When you join I will be notified and I can then a__sist you as much as I can ;o) Keep me posted if you have other questions! Teri Katzenberger id: au8tkat (


CatsMommy - May 9

Thank you, Teri! I will absolutely use you as my referral source! Thanks!


TeriK - May 11

Hi Catsmommy Great! Let me know when you have registered with and I can a__sist you if you need some help. You will definitely be happy you joined. I will help make this a great experience for you!! Teri K "working from home thanks to"


Sprinkles - June 21

I just registered with I wondered do you need a printer or fax or anything to apply for most jobs? I have a laptop and that is it for now but I wanted to know if I should go buy a printer ahead of time to be ready. I hope they are legit everything I have seen on them is not consistent some say its great some say it isnt - so I am hoping for the best here.


TeriK - June 22

Hi Sprinkles GOOD FOR YOU! I am happy to hear you joined There is not need to go out and by a printer and things. You do not need a fax to apply for jobs on SoHo. The companies that ask to fax a resume I usually by-pa__s or I just go to Staples or a place like that and fax it; not many require you do that. I am excited for you!! Keep me posted and let me know if you need help or have questions. I am here to serve you on your SoHoJobs journey :o) Teri K



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