Started Job 2 1 2 Months Ago Preg And Haven T Told Anyone

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sm - October 14

I got this job almost 3 months ago, I knew i was preg b4 i took it i didn't want to tell them and have them not hire me. So I have to tell them soon because I'm starting to show. I'm a good worker and alwalys on time but i'm scared once i tell them I'm preg they will fire me and say its for other reasons. how should i tell them I'm preg??


cm - October 14

Hi, Legally your employer cnnot fire you for being pregnant, however it does happen. Tell them when you are ready. You can only keep it to yourself for so long. If you worked for me I would want to know so that I wasn't asking you to do anything like heavy lifting that might be harmful to you. Good luck.


lmrod55 - October 17

Go to your boss and tell him/her that you have some exciting news to share. Make sure that you have your maternity plans and post baby plans all laid out before you go in to tell your boss. I was in the same situation - I just went in and said that I had exciting news to share that my husband and I were expecting a child. Then I told him that I only plan to take the 6 to 8 weeks maternity leave and to return full time. He didn't ask any questions (how long have you known, etc). He told me congratulations and that he was happy to hear I would returning after the baby. Also, there are a lot of people that don't start "telling" they are pregnant to friends and family after the 1st trimester - so if anything is asked, you could just say you weren't telling people tell now! It is illegal for them to fire you b/c of pregnancy!


sm - October 18

thanks for the help..I'm a little over 5 months nad startin to show!! I'm goin to tell them soon..thanks


rae - October 22

basically, they fire you, you sue them for discrimination. it would be the same thing as if they fired you based on age, religion, race, ethnic background, or gender... its illegal. good luck! my work didnt find out until i was 27 weeks, because i didnt find out until i was 25 weeks! they handled it very well. dont worry about it too much. you have nothing to fear.



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