The Prediction Game

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lawlady72 - April 20

I am really p___sed, I just found out through a VERY realiable source that my boss has already said to other people he doesn't think I'll be back after maternity leave (I am 23 weeks). That totally made me furious. I have been nothing but a loyal, honest and trustworthy employee who is always willing to lend a helping hand when I am not overloaded. I do menial jobs from time to time that is not my responsibility just because I can see it needs doing or the person who is doing it is swamped. To find out that he feels this way makes me feel like "well screw it if thats what you think, lets make it reality" I mean seriously, why be such a good employee when it's not going to even effect the way you're thought of. I am just so angry. It has even gotten to the point where they were doling out a new responsibility (important and most likely more money) and the words "well your pregnant and out of here in 3 months" was actually brought up. I mean they started talking to this girl who totally abuses the time off, lunch "hours" and is only out for herself, there is no TEAM in her vocabulary......ugh, just makjes me feel like I wasted 4 years.


Regina - April 20

If I can take from your user name that you are in the legal field, comments like those come with the territory. While my boss actually didn't say it out loud, I know he thought the exact same thing your boss is thinking. The simple fact of the matter is that a lot of women do take maternity leave and not come back. I am very career oriented and never thought for one second that I wouldn't return, then I had my dd, spent 2 wonderful months at home with her, and absolutely dreaded having to go back to work. I cried every day the last week, knowing it was one less day I would have at home with her. Having a baby changes everything, and it might change your mind too. Then again, it might not. My dd is 10 mos now and I have been back at work for the last 8. So I did come back and have adjusted, but your boss (like mine) has probably had women not return. So I guess what I'm saying is cut him a little slack because he probably is not meaning it personally and might well be worried that you won't come back. Once you have your baby, you will have a whole other perspective on the matter.


lawlady72 - April 23

I have a dd already, I had a year off with her (because of illness) and returned to work. I cried and was miserable and thought what a horrible mother I must be. But my DD has a roof over her head, hot meals, happy birthdays and merry christmas'. I work to give my daughter all the things I wasn't priveledged enough to have. I pay much higher taxes than my mom because I believe in providing for an excellent education. I ma by no means rich. If I was I could stay home. I am a middle cla__s working mom who breaks her back everyday to make a better life for my kid. When I am home with my dd we have quality time. We craft, play, garden, read, etc. I've even mentioned several times in the office in front of my boss. "I have a mortgage, of course I'm coming back....."


lawlady72 - April 23

Sorry I'm not attacking you, but just because another employee may have done something in the past does not make it okay for him to use me as his whipping post.



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