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stefanie - November 17

i started work at 6 months pregnant, giving them the stipulation that i was going to be taking a lot of time off for doc's appt and what-not, and was told that was perfectly fine. Just last week i was let go for taking too much time off. I am 8 months and a week now, what did they expect? Was I wronged for getting fired for exactly what i told them was going to happen? I told them i was not going to fill out the application if it was not ok so as not to waste anyone's time. Now i am 33 weeks pregnant, with no income and a baby coming soon and no one will hire me for a month only to watch me go again......HELP!!!!!


obviously - November 17

obviously when you were hired at 6 months they were fully aware of your situation, and they told you it would be just fine to be taking the time off for appointments and 6 maternity leave i think you should consult a lawyer on this one. not only ist it bad practace it is discrimintation the company could end up getting a double whammy for letting you go.


ally - November 17

definitely see a lawyer, dont u guys have unemployment benefits there


Confused - November 17

My concern would be that the lawyer would want to have had some type of agreement in writing, otherwise he might think it would be looked at as "heresay". However, by the same token, your pregnancy must have been obvious, so what did they expect would happen? Besides, you were upfront with them from the beginning. By the way, what application are you referring to that you wouldn't fill out? For the job you just got fired from? It's definitely worth consulting with an attorney over. Also, the part about not getting hired now...I'd ask the lawyer about that, too. Something reeks of s_xual discrimination.


j - November 19

I don't think a lawyer would take it... Honestly, it depends on how much time off they were expecting you to take vs how much time you were taking. The company was well within their rights if you were not meeting up to their needs... Sorry,...


C - November 19

That's terrible. To be honest I wish I could have been off work after 33 weeks. The last month was so hard to work. Is there anyway you could get unemployment? I'm guessing not if you were terminated. If you are single you could get some type of government a__sistance. I would look into a lawyer too if you don't have to pay any money for it. I think there is a department of labor that is run by the government that you could at least call to get advice.



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