What Can I Do For Extra Cash At Home

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:))))))) - October 17

is there somthing that i can do for extra cash at home, in there area where i live there isnt much for at home work and my house is small so i could only watch 1 or 2 kids other than my own but there doesnt seem to be anyone in the area that needs a sitter id just like a little extra here and ther since im a stay at home mom


? - October 20



karine - October 21

i needed the same thing, and i was able to have 5 kids to babysite throught the week. plus my own two. it may look small..but they have abig yard, and a toy room. (wich helps alot) that is the only i figured to do


K - October 22

I'm going to look into doing some typing at home but I have no idea where to start.


brinna - October 22

You could do dog grooming out of your home or car detailing if you have a garage. If you're a good baker you could ask your local grocery stores if they would buy homemade cakes or bread from you on a weekly basis. If you can sew you could do alterations from home. I've seen ads in my local paper from people willing to do errands. If you live in the city or suburbs that might work for you. You could pick up dry cleaning, groceries, perscriptions and drop them at someone's home. If you have a college degree you could tutor in whatever subject was your major. Do you speak a 2nd langauge? If so you could tutor kids or teach other's english. Just think of any talents you have and you could probably find a way to put them to use easily.


:))))))))) - October 23

thees are all great ideas but i live in a small town in the middle of nowhere so there wouldnt be a much of a need for any of that


K - October 23

I'm going to try to sell some things on ebay.


vicky - November 2

you could be an iron lady and iron people clothes or be a dog walker or dog sitter for when people go on holiday


Jbear - November 3

They have some ideas here: http://www.bizymoms.com/ (remove any dashes)


imogen - November 10

go to yard sales, by stuff that is really cheap (under a quarter or 50 cents), if you have old clothes or junk you want to get rid of have a yard sale or sale them on ebay. Ebay is really easy, I made $42 just off selling some of my daughters old clothes.


Jill - November 10

Ebaying is a pretty good idea actually. And if you KNOW about something, it is even better. My father in law is well educated in antiques and buys and sells stuff on ebay and his own website.


other than - November 15

other than ebay what options are there sitting is not an option my house is way too samll and we are slowly remodleing (hoping to add on in 2 years or so) and everyone areound here has a fairly large yard and usually let the dogs run around (fenced of course) and ofcourse i live in a really small town so there isnt much work at home stuff in my area but they are all good ideas if i was able to do them the only store in my town is a mom and pop store that was once a church (still has the steeple):)))))))


Luludji - January 3

What my friend does, they rent out two of their rooms in the bas____nt. They are making about $700 a month! Another friend of mine works in the evenings when hubby is home. If you are in a very small town, I think, internet is your only option. Keep searching, there are possibilities out there!


Jenn... - January 4

look at my page www.jennronblake.piczo.com there is info there on what I have been doing for extra cash. enjoy the pictures of my little boy too :)


avareydoe - January 20

I wanted the same thing except for my husband not me since i'm in the military and we don't want to put avarey in to day care. We became independent distributors for a wellness company. The potential is great. You have a coach that works right along with you when ever you have questions. And if they can't find out they will find someone who does. even if it means going to the top guy in the company. so far everyone I've talked to are so nice and helpful. Plus you get access to some great products even vitamins for your baby. We've just started but email me and I'll get you in touch with my coach, and he can help fill you in and answer questions. ( he was in the military too but now is getting out early because he makes too much with the company) It's very exciting. my email is [email protected] write me with a good time to call and i'll get you on the phone with him and we can answer any questions for you



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