What Should I Do About The Baby And College

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dmjdjw336 - October 5

I am currently 30 weeks pregnant tomorrow and I was wondering if I should stay at home and take care of the baby or go back to college and find a solution. I had to take the semester off because of how far along I am in the pregnancy and the stress it was putting on my body. Also I would have had to take an incomplete in all of my courses because of the due date and not knowing for sure when the baby will come because it is hard to plan around something like this. I am due Dec. 15th and finals week is from the 12th to the 14th. The baby could come during those days and I would miss the final because of it. Now that I am at home all the time and DJ (my boyfriend) is working a lot I start to think about what would happen if I were to go back or not. DJ is currently working first shift which is from 5 in the morning till 3 in the afternoon. Once Dec. comes he will be working second shift from 3 in the afternoon till I think 12 in the morning. During the month break, taking care of the baby will be possible, but once I go back, things will become complicated. I would have to somehow arrange my schedule so that I can be done at 3 but with one problem, I cannot drive and I would have to walk to get home. That is not much of a problem since it takes about 30 mins to walk from school to home and vis verse. But that is about 30 mins when the baby will have no one to look after it. That makes me worry. Also, with work and classes, that just may not be possible to be done by 3 and get home. Which makes me worry even more. We could find a babysitter, but there is no one that I know around here that I could trust. We could ask his family but with work schedules that would not work out nicely. Also we do not live that close to any of our family members for them to get down here in time if they even could. I know his family and well they are always late. There is a daycare int town that could watch our baby but then DJ will not get any time at all with the baby because he wants to help out too. Also, I have no idea how long they would be able to keep the baby for they may close before I am done with school. There would be no one to get the baby if that were to happen. I cannot ask my friends to help for they are in college as well and well that would not be permitted. The only option that I can see is to not go back but I want to go back and finish. I do not want to take another semester off for I may never go back. Once you quit or withdraw, going back is near to impossible. Also no one, not my family nor his nor DJ himself wants to see me not go back. He is making sure that I go back and I am too. So this leaves me with no possible solution that I can see at all that would possibly work out. Any suggestions or advice would be welcome.


Malica - October 26

I don't know how your college works, but if they are half-year courses that end in December, then finish that term if possible and take the following term off. Looking after a baby, especially a newborn, is more work than anyone can imagine before they have kids. While it's great you want to continue with your education, there should be no reason you can't take some time off first.


jenna32 - March 19

You really should go to college as soon as you can,preferably before the baby is born,get as much schooling as you can overwith.It's not easy with a newborn. You could ehilr,but it is a lot of work and the first while is important so you can bond with your baby. you may have to wait a semester or two before going back, i would just to know your money isn't going to waste when you can't find the time to study.


funnygal84 - March 24

have you looked into online cla__ses or evening cla__ses? a lot of schools are offering these options these days. or see if there is an online college that you can attend and that your current school will accept credits from. some colleges even have on-campus daycares. usually you can contact your local health center/advocacy groups or even your public library for info. i do agree with the others, though, you should take at least a few weeks off after birth. it's a very busy and exhausting time. plus, if you end up having a c-section, you're supposed to be very careful about your activity levels. i wasn't even allowed to walk my small dog until 3 weeks postpartum. good luck.



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