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Kaitlyn - March 28

This is my first baby and I was wondering when I should tell my boss. I just started this job a few weeks ago and am not showing yet. I am 5 weeks along. Any advice is appreciated!


M - March 28

Hi Kaitlyn, well I definately think 5 weeks is too early to tell your boss. Given that you aren't yet to your 2nd trimester, I'd wait. I'm 14 weeks pregnant and I haven't told my work. I plan on telling them at about 16 weeks. Remember there is no rush to tell work. Good luck.


Kaitlyn - March 28

Thanks M. I guess I was a bit unclear in my post. I meant that I am 5 weeks along, but was wondering if I should tell my boss when I'm 12 weeks (that's when we plan to share our good news with family and friends). If I'm not showing at 12 weeks, was wondering if I can put off telling my boss. I'm not very anxious to break the news considering I just started this job!


to kaitlyn - March 28

You don't have to ever tell if you do not want to, but they will probably figure it out. Anyway you may decide to tell them if your morning sickness prevents you from coming in or makes you late sometimes. Not sure where you are from but in the US there are laws that protect you, you can not be fired simply because you are preggers.


Tiffany - March 29

YOu should wait atleast till the 2nd trimester. Just incase.


L** - April 14

I agree. wait at least until the 2nd trimester just in case... If something were to happen, it would be really hard to deal with at work. Plus, it might be toomuch info for your boss.. if your boss is a man, he may not know quite how to react to that sort of bad news.


Mel - April 17

I told my work at about 10 or 12 weeks. Can't remember exactly. At my first prenatal appointment they heard the heartbeat and gave me an ultrasound which said everything looked good. I however have worked at a small office for 5 years and most of those people are like my family. If it was a new job, I would have waited till I absolutly had to tell them. Not because of fear of job loss but because if something were to happen with the pregnancy it is a lot harder when you have to tell 100's of people as opposed to your family and closest friends.


jen - April 25

I will wait until after my first appointment to tell my office. I have worked here for 5 years (if I were new, I would wait as long as possible, too). It will be a surprise to my work since I am older, already have children etc. I don't think they are expecting this from me!



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