When Did You Work Up To Before Leaving To Have The Baby

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.... - February 18

Hi, ok so I know some of you probably had your babies earlier than expected and maybe it happened whilst you were still working (by accident)- but this is for the people who planned a date to leave thier jobs for maternity leave- how many months were you? If anyone worked past 7 months, did you find work very hard/uncomfortable with the big belly? I am 4 and a half months now and just trying to work out a budget (obviously if all goes to plan) and I just want to be realistic about a leaving date as it is my first pregnancy. Any advice would be great, Thanks!


G - February 18

Well, I planned on leaving work about two weeks before my due date. But my dr. actually pulled me out one month before due to some issues with blood pressure. Towards the end, I found it somewhat uncomfortable to work, but still manageable. I did not have a job that required lots of standing though, I can imagine if I did I would be extremely uncomfortable!!!!!!!!! I would think about leaving a couple of weeks before your due date (depending on type of work), I would REST before the baby comes!!!!!!!! Hope this helps.


js - February 19

I work for an airline and I am pretty mobile through out the day. I am 34 weeks and am planning on working till two week prior to my due date.


Sally - February 20

I was actually able to work into the last week of my pregnancy. I'm lucky enough to work in an office where others are more than willing to help with various tasks. Stress is always a factor, so keep that in mind when making your decision.


kris A. - February 20

I worked up until my due date. Then Wren was born at 41 weeks, and I was actually mad I wasted a week waiting for her to get here... I only got 6 weeks maternity so I guarded it. But like Sally, I have a low stress office environment, and the guys helped out lots. So it depends ...


Mongosmrs. - February 21

I'm 31 weeks and my boss just called me into his office yesterday and told me he would prefer that I went ahead and started my maternity leave now. I told him that I needed the money and could not afford to take the extra time off and he said that since I am a commissioned sales rep that it would not effect my pay. I have been very tired, overwhelmed and stressed out and can barely even get around anymore, so you have no idea what a relief it is to know that I can spend this time resting and getting things done around the house in preparation for my daughter's birth! If you can afford it, I would definitely recommend starting your maternity leave as soon as your body starts letting you know that it's too much. I'm 38 and have diabetes and chronic acid reflux that doesn't allow me to sleep at night, so it came a lot sooner for me than most, but if my boss hadn't noticed how miserable I was and said something to me about it, I would probably have continued working right up until my due date against my better judgement.


Nicole - February 22

I have scheduled my maternity leave to begin when I am a full 37 weeks. I am currently 32 weeks and I get so uncomfortable sitting at my desk after a couple of hours. Plus I've began experiencing insomnia at night due to pain in my hips so I'm exhausted in the afternoons, so I plan to rest whenever the mood strikes me while I'm off. The drive to work is over an hour and by the time I get out of the car my back and legs are so achy! Then I get to do it again each evening, so I won't mind stopping work 3 weeks early. Plus, I view it as my last vacation for the next several years, the last chance I'll have for some "me time", because after that my life will be devoted to my little one full time.


tina - February 23

I worked up till the day I went into labor. I went into labor after work so no extra day off for me lol.


Nicole - February 23

I should have mentioned that I live in Canada so I get a year off for maternity leave so leaving early isn't really a big deal in the grand scheme of things. I think if I only had 6 weeks like most of you do I too would work up to the end so I could spend as much time with my baby as possible. I feel so bad for you girls!


KrisD - February 23

I left work 4 weeks prior to my due date. But I ended up having the baby 2 weeks early and having ontractions that had to be stopped off-and-on for the two weeks prior to that! So it was perfect timing, I guess. But I have some flexibility at work and took 5 months off. Now I am back 2 days a week.


Deb - February 23

I just gave my notice that I'm leaving at 32 weeks. Taking time for myself to rest and enjoy peace before the new arrival. If you can take the time do it. I also plan to not come back after so we just start budgeting sooner. On the flip side my boss asked if I'd consider part time from home so I will try that for the last few weeks.


j - February 26

all the FMLA paperwork for my place of work has been filled out and signed with the exception of my leaving date and my estimated return date. I am 35 weeks 2 days right now. My blood pressure has been high to cause concern, but the doc hasn't pulled me from the job. However, my job is flexible and I really only need a days notice if that that I am leaving. I am due on March 31 and my company gives 1 week paid off in the middle of March so I may just decide not to go back after that free week off.


Heidi - March 3

I worked up till I went into labor. She was due Oct 21st and we had Columbus Day off so we got a long weekend and then I went into labor that night (week early) and was off for 14 wks!


Ginny - March 17

I ended up working 2 weeks past my due date! But I have a great job behind a desk, with the freedom to move if I need to. We're also only 10 blocks away from the hospital. When I went over, we scheduled an induction and I took off 2 days before. I got 6 weeks paid maternity and I wanted to save all of it for the baby. My big belly didn't get in the way, but I was constantly going back and forth to the bath room. I'm lucky that my boss and coworkers thought I was cute and didn't resent me, though they later told me that they were afraid they would have to deliver the baby!


karine - March 28

I have a daycare in my home. I told the parents that i will be taking off the 4th may, and my due date is 17may.


Jilloh - April 23

I was due March 31 and my induction date was set on March 28th for April 3. So I worked up until March 31 to the end of the day.


praizeleeder222 - May 4

With my first I worked until two weeks before... I worked in a factory, definetly uncomfortable since I had her in July!! I got one if those belly bands that help hold your belly up, not so much stress on the back & a lot of praying that I could hold on!



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