Work At Home Moms How Do You Do It

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Kate - November 21

I am a work at home mom to a 16 month old girl and have a boy due in January. I'm just wanting advice / comments about how you handle things at home - your work, your housework, interacting with your kids, etc. Sometimes I feel like I spend so much time on this computer that I can't be a good mom! I only have to work 4 hours a day, so I try to get it in when she's taking her 1 hour nap (oh, how I wish she'd nap 2 hours!!!) and then after she's in bed for the night. But then my hubby misses out on me. :( I can't imagine life when baby boy arrives...any thoughts?


lmrod55 - November 28

When my dd first came home I was able to work from home. We actually had a part-time nanny come in to help with the baby while I had to work. We had the nanny for the first 8 months. After that I had her all to myself and still had to work - I worked REALLY hard when she was down for her nap and in the afternoons I would make sure we went for a quick walk and then give her some toys to play with and let her learn to "entertain herself" so that I could get on the computer for at least 45 minutes. I would try to arrange meetings during her nap time. Not sure if that helps or not, but that is what I did...not that any of us want to do this but are you able to get up an hour earlier to get some computer time before the day starts? Good luck! - ld


Mary - December 10

How did you find these work at home jobs?


j - December 10

Mary - most of these jobs come from existing employment in an office. I worked in an office for several years before they let me work from home. Most companies like to know who they have on staff before they take a chance and let them do it from home. There are a lot of scams on the web - so watch out. If you are already working, find out if they have an at home program... That's really the best...


mama2be88 - November 30

Kate.. what do you do working from home??


Trac - February 24

I have to small children at home and work at home also. It can be challenging but I think having some guidelines for myself really help. Number one, I try to shower and get most of my work done when my dh is home in the evening (during the day it's just too hard). This way we can all eat breakfast together (most days) and I'm not stressed during the day when the kids are awake about getting my work done. Can you work at night? I get most of my work done after the kids are in bed. Trying to get any work done with both kids here during the day is nearly impossible. Since I realized that, my days have been so much better, I just get play with them and enjoy them, cook easy meals and tidy up each room before I leave it. Yes, your hubby might miss you but your kids need you more at this stage. Also, if you have a sister or mom who could watch the kids so you can go to a movie or dinner with your dh on the weekend, that will help you keep that relationship strong. Good luck!


Trac - February 24

Oops! Meant to say TWO small children.



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