Working Two Jobs And Want To Quit

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Darknessangel87 - June 5

I'm 18 years old and pregnant, and because of this it's hard for me to find a good paying job that I like. I've been working two part time jobs since before I became pregnant and they are starting to take a toll on my pregnancy and my sanity. The stress I encounter from these jobs are starting to become unbearable. I work at a daycare center, as well as a retail store, meaning I don't make more than minimum wage (which is $6.75 here). I work 7 days a week and around 40 hours a week and I still don't make enough to help support myself. The daycare center has been the most stressful because they are extremely strict with the dress code, among other things. Being pregnant and not having a lot of money causes problems when I need to find clothing that's comfortable and fits, and that's not an arm and a leg. The only clothes that we are allowed to wear are khaki pants, khaki capris (no black bottoms, no skirts, no shorts), and a blouse (no black/white blouses). I know that sounds kind of easy to find, but trust me it's not. Another problem that I've been having with them is that they do not allow us into the room before our scheduled shift time, which includes only minutes before. Unfortunately, I was written up for walking into the room 3 minutes before my scheduled shift time. They are also finding ways of firing people, like making a mistake on time sheets, etc. My job at the retail center is fine other than the fact that I've been working there for 2 years and I still only make minimum wage. Both jobs I have doesn't have a paid maternity leave, so I have to continue working as long as possible. I've tried looking on help wanted websites, as well as the newspaper. Does anyone have any ideas on how I can find a new job, or make the ones I have right now bearable? Please help.


ConfuseD - June 7

I don't know what your area has, but from the sound of it, working at a fast food restaurant, except for having to stand on your feet for a long time, might be preferable to what you're currently doing (except for the retail job which would be better, if you had seen a raise). Anyway, are there any office jobs you could do? How about working as an aide/subst_tute teacher at an elementary school? School bus driving? Becoming a nanny? Working at a drug store? A doctor's office (especially a pediatrician's) or a hospital? Delivery work (such as for a car parts place, a floral shop, or a bakery)? If you try these things, and still aren't able to make ends meet, while you may not like the idea, apply for a__sistance. While you might feel embarrased about doing so, don't. Lots of really good people have had to be on it at one time or another (know the actress/comedian Whoopie Goldberg?), and it's no worse than collecting social security if you really need it. Much as there are people that would like you to believe otherwise, having a job outside the home isn't necessarily a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and even if both parents are working outside the home, it doesn't mean there's going to be enough money to cover all expenses. Best of luck!



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