Xp Teachers Second Guessing My Career Choice

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Cassie06 - January 27

I am getting so nervous! I am an education major, getting my BS degree in interdisciplinary studies with a concentration in Elementary Ed Pre-K to 6th. I will also be graduating with a teaching licence. I absolutely love kids and love teaching, but I am getting nervous! I have almost all education classes this semester, and we are writing lessons plans, doing bulletin boards, teaching classes, doing activities, going out and doing field experience and working in actual classrooms, etc. And I just realized this time next year I will be student teaching! I am so scared!! I dont mind talking in front of the kids, but I feel so nervous I could pass out when I am being watched by the classroom teacher or my mentor teacher. I really want to teach kindergarten, so all my lessons and activities are geared toward that age, and I feel so condescending trying to teach my peers and profs as if they were 5!! I know this is what I really want to do, but I seem to have permanent butterflies in my stomach lately!! Is there anything I can do for this? I just want to relax and feel confident!! I just needed to get this out! Thanks!


orchidmom - February 3

Hi congratulation for your progress. I know how you feel, I also experience the same thing only for different situation. Just relax, take time for yourself and build your confidence.. it will help :) good luck!


Krist - February 13

It's natural to be nervous about speaking in front of groups. A way to get around this is to be as prepared as possible before you speak. Also remember that most of the time your audience cannot tell that you are nervous. Try googling 'overcoming public speaking anxiety', some sites may be able to give you some tips. Good Luck!


cayingo - August 5

I've been teaching for several years, but remember vividly the anxiety of addressing groups of my peers. Even now as a teacher speaking in front of groups of parents at Meet the Teacher Nihgtor in front of the faculty at workshops are nerve-wracking a bit. BUT I always try to focus on the kids when I get nervous. There's not another job in the world I would want to have. No matter how stressed you get for those couple minutes delivering that essay or lesson demo, just rememebr very few people LOVE what they do for a living. It sounds to me like teaching is your thing. Don't lose sight of that. The speaking in front of adults gets easier, and it is a limited part of your day. Once you get some experience under your belt you'll realize how easy it is. Stick with it. It's the most challenging, rewarding, exciting, and fulfilling career out there. You're hard work will be well worth it. :)


DaBonkElsMe - August 7

I've been teaching for 7 years now and i still remember being nervous about being watched by the regular cla__sroom teacher while student teaching. I would suggest telling her (or him) how you feel. I did that and she actually left the room for my first few lessons and let me be on my own. Then she started observing me through the door - I didn't even notice - she gave me high reports each time she spoke to my prefessor! So i must have been doing something right! Have you met your cooperating teacher yet? I bet it will be easier after the first few days! Good luck!



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