14 Wnat A Baby

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i might - October 1

im 14 and i want a baby my bf too so should i


amanda - October 2

NO! please wait until you can raise a child on your own so that your parents do not have to raise your child. and they will have to raise it if you have one because you are still in school, you don't have a job which means that you don't have any money and you cannot raise a child without money. do not let your b/f push you into having unprotected s_x until you are ready to deal with the possibility of pregnancy or a std. and just think of what will happen if you get pregnant now, you will get fat, get stretch marks and will have to go through the pain of child birth and then you will have to take care of a constantly crying, hungry, dirty diapered baby.you wont get any sleep at night, so you will be exhausted at school the next day, you will not be able to go out to the movies or the mall or stay overnight at friends houses anymore because you will have a completely dependent child on you hands. just wait a little longer, the time will fly by and you will be better able to take care of a child in a few more years.


Chantelle - October 15

a baby is a HUGE responsibility. They need stability (financial, emotional and physical) At 14 I wanted alot of things even yes a baby, but a 14 yr old is in no position to take on the responsibility of parenthood. Let me guess, you live with your parents, have had the same boyfriend...6 months, want to marry him, maybe work part time at lets say McDonalds and think you are ready to have a child...Think again! You are still a child. Enjoy it. Because you NEVER get those years back. What is the hurry? You have the rest of your life to have kids. The best gift you can give a child is being a good mommy. Think about it.


sm - October 15

You are 14 and I know that people are probably telling you to NOT have a baby. (and the answer is that you should wait...you have so much life ahead of you and this guy that you are with may not stick around...) Ask yourself why you want to have a baby. Is it because you want to keep this boyfriend? Do you want attention from your parents that you may not be getting? Are you wrapped up in the thought that having a baby will change everything for the better?? A baby is a wonderful gift, but when the time comes. Know that you have so much life a head of you and that someday, you will meet the man of your dreams that you will want to have a family with. I agree with Chantelle, the best gift you can give a child is to be a great mother.


Ashley - October 16

hunny I am 20 years old and I love my 3 month old son more then anything I wasnt ready for the responsibilities when I had him!! having children is the best thing in the world, but the labor is PAINFUL! your only young, enjoy your life!


Melissa - October 18

Please don't even think about having a baby yet. Your own body is still not fully matured yet. Yes, I know you are physically capable of getting pregnant, but do you really want to do that to your body at such a young age? An no, ladies, I am not saying getting pregnant makes you undesireable or anything like that. I'm jsut saying at 14, her body bears no signs o fhaving gone through pregancy and childbirth and should remain that way! Also, there is no way a 14 year old is going to tell me that her and her "boyfriend" can support a baby financially, and I am tired of irresponsible people (of all ages) having babies that they cannot support without help from the government. I understand people fall on hard times and need help, that is fine. But for a 14 year old girl to feel comfortable with having a baby because she knows she can apply for welfare and other programs makes me furious! I refuse to keep paying for these babies!


P.G - October 19

the worst thing about the situation is that when you get pregnant at this age your boyfriend will run away from it all , no matter what they say. leaving you and the child to suffer . you need to think with your head , dont ruin your life because it will. i know what i am saying.


mwah - January 1

hi, i no uv herd it agen and agen 14 is 2 young bt i totally understand where u r coming from cos at 15 i nearly had a baby ts up t u at the end ov da day. its not jus up t u n ur b/f bt u wil need help n support frm other people. where wil u liv etc. my mum wud avbeen disapointed wiv me if i had been p.g as my mum had me at 15 anyways its up t u gd luk xx


roxyttandme - January 5

I know that it is hard for you to understand what I am about to say.... But at 14, you are still somewhat of a baby yourself. As you get older you will understnad what that means. I used to hate it when people told me that, back when I was your age (13 yrs. ago), but now i have great understanding and appreciation for that wisdom. Take some advise,,, you are too young. I know it sounds like fun. But fun is not what motherhood is all about. If you had a baby, you wouldnt be spending time with your friends, school would be near to impossible, your body would become something that you have never experienced before, you would never have money to spend on anything that you wanted to spend on. You life would revolve completely around a child that needs an adult. And honey, you are not an adult. Not yet. I am sure one day you will be... Just keep doing what you are supposed to do. When the time is right for you have a child, I am sure you will. In the mean time, go to school, have fun with your friends and just enjoy yourself. Youth goes way too quickly to wish upon having a child. Be patient. And I think it is wonderful that you are seeking the option of others. Keep it up!


kayla_shauntel_05 - January 20

You need to wait. You and your boyfriend are both too young to have a baby and understand the true impact of it. Don't be stupid, you are too young. You think you want it until you hear what really happens and how bad it hurts. Having a baby strips you of all glory because you are violated in so many ways. Childbirth is not pleasant and fun like you think.


kay96 - July 26

14 is way too young to have a baby! I can't even picture a 14 year old having a child. There is LOTS of things to worry about. What if the baby chokes? How will you pay for all the expenses? Do your parents approve of you having a baby? Will your parents support you? I doubt your boyfriend will stay with you. Wait until you're old enough to get a job, move out, get married, etc. If you wait, things will be A LOT easier for you, and your boyfriend! My friend just had a baby and she was 16 when she got pregnant, and she did not feel ready what so ever. Although she is engaged and her fiance loves her and the baby, and not to mention, works his b___t off to keep a roof over their heads and keep food in their stomachs, they were not prepared at all! My advice to you, is to definately wait. You should wait until you're at an age where you're ready to have a baby, and ready to take on the mental, and physical stress of a baby. Wait until you have enough money to give it everything it needs .. and wants!


NURSEJ - July 28



EliseMichelle - August 3

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aHarvey - August 13

Focus on your education so you can actually support your FUTURE children, yourself, and husband. Children who have children are those who end up on wellfare and struggle. I would also consider seeing a counselor to figure out why you're wanting a baby at your age. You're still a baby yourself and don't try to grow up so fast! While you're friends are out partying, you'll have to either stay home with the baby all the time or leave it with someone else which isn't fair to the baby.


shortysteph - August 22

no, he won't be so happy about a baby once it is here. A baby might seem like the thing to do now. You think it will bring you and your bf closer, it will make you a family, you will have something of him. However, your entire life will change. If you want to keep your life the way it is now ie having a boyfriend, hanging out with friends, etc, then a baby is the wrong choice. I hope you reconsider.


jeankins - August 22

If you're ready to deal with all the bad things that could possibly hapen with a new baby, then you're ready. Can you handle being sliced open, knowing that you baby is in trouble? Can you handle watching your baby scream in pain if he/she needs to be put in the NICU and nurses and doctors need to poke your baby with needles and tubes to keep him/her alive? Can you handle the thought of being so badly torn that every time you laugh or sneeze, you wet yourself? Can you handle facing your own death if something goes horribly wrong and you start to bleed badly during delivery? Can you cope with burying your baby if he/she dies? These are the things that no one wants to hear, but my baby died 6 weeks ago. I'm 27 and having a hard time dealing with it. But at least I understand what happened and why she died. I have my husband standing by me right now. My cousin had a baby at 14, and every day she regrets it. I got to go to college, move away from home, had nihgts out with my friends and got to drop everything at a moments notice and go out for the day. When I went shopping, I didn't have to think about packing a large bag full of diapers, wipes, bottles, a change of clothes, a changing mat and keeping track of the several dozen soothers because babies always drop them and lose them, and by the time they whinge for them, it's gone and you need to pull another one out of a bag or thin air, it doesn't matter as long as you get one. My cousin failed exams because she had to take care of her baby when her parents got sick in her final year of school. Because of that, she never got to go to college to do the nursing degree she would have been perfect for. The baby's father ran away, got married and had kids of his own, denied his first child until a few months ago, so now that baby, a 12 year old kid, has left her mother because her father offers her a better life, more stability and brothers and sisters. At 14 years, you can't give a baby what it needs and you'll never be able to give them what they need. Hold out a few years, there's plenty of time and the best years of your life are coming up. Don't ruin it by dragging an innocent baby into the mix that you'll end up regretting.


Eimi - August 24

girl r u sure u want this its might seem lyk it but u wont be able to do all the things u do now after a baby u have to always be there to take care of ur baby and nurse it and dont think anyone is going to take care of him wen u want to go to a party no the mother needs to be there until the baby can use a bottle and you wanted the baby not your mother so dont think that ur just going to leave it with her. u wont be able to finish school who want to come babysit a baby at lyk 7:00 in the morning? and if you have any dreams of being a model or sumthing hunny not with those stretch mark and dont get me wrong a baby is a beautiful thing i luv baby's and no one but a mother can describe a mother's joy after giving birth but you are just too young wait until you get all your education and have a job and money to take care of your baby because what you have with this BF might just be puppy luv and he can just get up and leave cuz he dont want you or decides he doesnt want a baby anymore but u cant do that ur the baby's mom so if u see where im going with this? its not a good decision ok sweety dont do it now your ovaries will still be there when you ocme of age lol



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