16years Amp Confusion

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shesdymed - May 6

i have gotten pregnant i'd say about a month ago, i was willing to keep it and my man was more excited than i was, because he know held a big responsibility in his hands as a father. <b>instead</b> when i told my mother she pushed me more towards an abortion, and i did it for her. i feel so regretful for puttin my family before my own child. <b>now</b> regrets hit me hard because it was somethin i didnt want to do, i changed so much and started givin up my usual activities for this child, my regets hit me so hard and so happens now i may be pregnant again (5 to 6 weeks later) i do choose to keep this baby and take my full responsibilty as a mother, i've already set my mind to it, im soon to get an apartment with him and i will attend school while his grandmother takes care of my baby until i come home and handle my full responsibility. what do u guys think about all of this?


shesdymed - May 6

i just need advice. options, i know that its very much possible it may not work out this way. im not positively sure that i am pregnant. but i am gettin symptoms such as nautiousness, sleepiness, hungry (often), change in appet_te (hungry but i dont want just ANYTHINg to eat), and at times i get this sharp pain on my side below my ribs. my abdomen ffeels a little soar and tender . . . idk i just need ur opnions. if a am pregnant then i would b about 12 to 13 dyays pregnant. help guys. i need opinions :)


frankschick2001 - May 8

I'm not exactly sure what you want people to say. It sounds like you ahve your plan set if you are pregnant. Although I don't think having unprotected s_x right after and abortion was the smartest move on your part. You should have taken some more time AND protection. What is it you need opinions about? Pregnancy, child rearing, what?


shesdymed - May 8

if i am pregg. i want to start applying for services.. like WIC programs and things like that , yet im still uncertain if it is possible to do so alone or do i need my mother, because im still under her insurance


maren - May 9

If you want to apply for medicaid or the states health insurance you need a writen note from your doctor stating that you are pregnant and when you are due. Im not sure how WIC works but i know if you get medicaid you get WIC automaticly


mawakana - May 10

he may be willing to take responsibbily but i think your ay too young to be settling down your life is just begining how are you going to cope. but


shesdymed - May 11

well like i've sed before, nothings promised. me and im have been together for 8 months and i've known him for 6 years. i know other girls who have done it and r married. we've been thru too much and have grown so much together.. we deserve a chance to choose whther or not we will live our lives or not



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