17 And Trying

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To Lindsay - May 31

Can you not read ?!?! The girl has a MEDICAL CONDITION that is going to prevent her from having children the longer she waits !! She has the love and support of her partner and parents (who have not stolen the crack pipe from you Lindsay sweetie dont worry), and she is financially stable and sounds very mature and like she knows what she wants :) I think there is a helpline for crackheads like you LINDSAY !! HAHAHA


Gina - June 9

Wow, I can’t believe how judgmental so many of you are being. A lot of you people need to realize that not everyone has your religious beliefs. Not everyone believes you are committing a mortal sin if you have s_x before you are married, and that if you have a child out of wedlock then you are destine for disaster. You guys really should keep your religious opinions to yourselves. I agree with Alicia, being married isn’t going to insure that the man sticks around, just as not being married means he isn’t going to stick around. Look, it sounds like you have really thought this through, and that is great. I agree that there are many things you will miss having a child so early, and many things that will be harder, but I think it much worse to do all those things and then find out that you may not be able to have the one thing that would have meant more than anything else in the world to you. Don’t listen to anyone else. If you have thought this through and have everything figured out, and you really want this for yourself, then do it. Just make sure you aren’t doing it because you feel you have to. It sounds like your child won’t be wanting, with all the support you have. Also, good idea to chart your cycles, take your basal body temperature every day, check your v____al mucus. This site explains many ways to help with getting pregnant. Good luck and best wishes.


to : ) - June 16

i would just like to say i disagree with a lot of the people that say 17 is to young for a baby i have a 6 week old baby i am 17 married and had money saved also as my baby wos planned and i luv every minute of it i am not saying that it is plain sailing but i do not regret the choices that i have made in my life for 1 minute and i would not change my baby boy for anything in the world i luv the everday experiance of motherhood and the challenges it has to throw at me lol. all the best for the future. Leslie x


Jamie - June 17

I'm just curious...:), have you had any luck conceiving yet? Also - have you considered adoption, if you ultimately can't conceive?


Anne - June 17

You're a liar. No one w/ half a brain would tell you to try and get pregnant at 17, especially a doctor.


Jamie - June 18

Guess what, Anne - I was told the EXACT SAME THING. So go to hell. Not for the same reasons, but I too was told at 17 that it was "now or never". I picked "never", because I wasn't ready then - I got EXTREMELY lucky by getting pregnant at 23.


Dalia - June 18

Sorry, if a doctor tells you to get preg at 17 then he is just as sick as the girl who intentionally wants a baby.


:) - June 23

you know, in england (which is the country i am in) the legal age of consent is 16. so legally a person can have a baby at 16 years old. not advisable but still. However, i wont get the option of having a baby when im in my twenties, i only have the option now. me and my fiancee have actually booked a church to get married, and ill be almost 19 when that happens. i am about to turn 18, and i have enough support help and finance to raise a baby with or without my fiancee (not that that is a problem) i came to ask for support here, not to be bad mouthed and told i was sick in the head. im sure alot of the ladies whom have trouble concieving have visited this site and would agree. Most of you should count yourselves lucky you have the chances when your older.


Jamie - June 23

*applause :)* I'm sorry people here are so rude. So...I take it you haven't conceived yet?


:) - July 4

i concieved!!!!! in may!!!! im 6 weeks and2 days pregnant. and i feel sooo strange. im really happy now, i get to be a mother! i dont have to miss out on it. my kidneys are holding well, i had a function test yesterday and they havent started losing even more function, so its positive as this is the most streneous time of pregnancy apparently that my kidneys are holding it up. my mother is thrilled and she has arranged me driving lessons ( you have to be 17 in england) and shes getting me a car and stuff so i will have transport for the baby, and weve set up a fund which we have put lots of money in for the baby when he or she is old enough, and were getting our own home together. i can do this and its the best news i have had!!!


Gina - July 4

CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so happy for you that this is working out. I'm glad you didn't take anyone's criticism to heart and just did what you want to do and what is best for you. It sounds like you will be an amazing mother, and I am so happy for you that you took the opportunity, and that it has happened for you. Congratulations, and may you have a wonderful pregnancy! :)


Jamie - July 10

Congratulations!!! I'm so happy everything has worked out for you.


Alexis - July 11

Hey, I think 30 is to old to have kids or getting there...Me personally I dont want to be 77 when i have grandbabies..No one else can make the decsion for you i am 16 and want a baby too...I know i am to young and thats the worst part of it... Think of it this way..if god gives you a child right now you were meant to have it..i think people that have babies at 34ish and stuff is stupid...thats to old..i wouldnt want to be a sagging grandmother looking thing when my kid is 20...Just the way i think of it...If you want a baby ...I say you have one..i wish i could right now..so have one for the both of us good luck.


denise - July 13

You are an idiot and should not pa__s on that DNA. You actually believe that at 17 your fertility is already going down? And you also see the only choice is to either have the baby now while you're 17 or to have it after you're 30. Were you aware there are 13 years between those two numbers? I was wrong. You're not just an idiot, but you're also really bad at math.


To Denise - July 16

Learn to read before you start bad mouthing someone. You just made yourself look like an idiot, not her.


natalie - July 18

Grow up!!! You are a little to young to start a family....I think you need to relax and enjoy your own chilhood...



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