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droopy - July 2

im 17 and my bf is 16 and he doesnt stop thinkin about havein a baby and askin me and i wouldnt mind haveing one.his scared that sumtin might happen to him you ow like karma c_ming back and hittin u.and we both agree it would make us happy and it would be easier for us to be together.we both have a job and he`ll get another one and we would make good parents.ppl tell me that when u go to college that u have more funny but i now my schedule will be the same school,home and work and hw.but the thing is my parents dont now i go with him but they now him and think his a good guy.


d - July 6

all i can say is dont rush it. college was so much fun for me and you should have the same experiance. a baby will not help a relationship but only complicate it. i am 23 now and 6 mnths pregnant. my boyfriend and i are happy but we wanted to wait. our relationship now consists of sitting at home trying to figure out living expences and whos gonna watch the baby while i try to finish school and while hes working etc. im ecstatic about our new bundle coming but i would like to be done with school and be living more comfortably with a set plan. tell your boyfriend not to woory about karma. life is what you make it, and if you are both in love and want a baby , plan it right and work hard now so you dont have to later. youll enjoy the baby and eachother so much more that way. good luck with everything


droopy - July 6

thankz alot ``D`` his just really afraid of leavin the eath w/o anything but thanks for the advice


mesilla - July 8

i also think that you shouldn't rush it. ok i can understan him being worried about karma, but if something does happen to him now you will have to raise a baby on your own. i was a single mom but i was 21 and it was hard trying to juggle work, and my son. now i'm back in school (college) and it's even harder trying to do school, work, hw, and spend time with my son. go to college, enjoy yourself, enjoy your relationship with your bf, soon enough when you have a baby you won't get much time with each other. learn about each other that way when you have a baby it will bring you two close together.good luck



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