18 And In College But Really Hoping For Baby

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Bethany - November 3

I'm 18 and in college...my boyfriend and i have had a few "scares" about pregnancies in the past 6 months or so. We've been together almost two years. All the thinking about having a baby that went along with those "scares" has made us realize that we would be so excited to have one. We both would like to try for one. What do you guys think? my b/f is extremely good to me, and sometimes i think he's is almost more excited than me about the idea! Please give me your honest opinions! Thank you in advance.


sabrina - November 3

Ok I know how you feel, but your in college would it not be better to wait tell at least you finish college. And then plan for your child future. There is no harm in wanting and wishing, but in your heart you know that to be the best mummy to your child it would be better to wait till you both are out of college have a life built that can cope with a child. But I don’t know your life I don’t know your relationship, truly only you can decided when your ready XXX good luck and best wishes


Bethany - November 7

thanks sabrina....i appreciate your advice. I reallyfeel as thought I'm going to spend the rest of my life with this man. We've talked about marriage as well. But that would be a long process and a long time to wait. Anyone else have any thoughts?


mama-beans - November 7

I remember that age... I SO wanted a child! My bf ( now husband) and I had been together for 3 years, were so in love! I am SO GLAD that we waited! We got married first ( imaging not having a honeymoon because you have a baby to be responsible for). We got settled in a nice home to raise that child in.. and when we could afford for me to not work any more.. we got pregnant. ( of course, that was after almost 2 years of infertility, which cost us an arm and a leg... I digress...) Many people would have preferred that we wait until we were much better off financially.. But we can pay our bills and provide for our children now, without help from outside sources. That is all we were waiting for.... firm solid relationship ( married) safe place for the child to sleep ( decent home) and one parent home at all times ( decent job, income). Really, I know what it is you are feeling now, really I do. WAIT UNTIL YOU ARE GROWN FULLY FIRST! Be 21, go out to bars and party if you want. Get married and have your dream wedding. Have the parent not staying at home in a comfortable job, with good insurance, so that one parent can stay home and raise your child.... THEN have your beautiful babies. I HAVE BEEN THERE. Please believe me. You will REGRET having thrown away your young years... having given up many small dreams. Do you want to travel? Go to Vegas? Have the big wedding with the pouffy dress, great Honeymoon? Be secure in your home, relationship, and finances when baby comes? You will never know how important those things really are until you no longer have the choice.


Bethany - November 8

Thanks for being understanding....its really helpful to hear from people who can understand and who have been in similar situations. Please, if anyone else has any advice for me I'd appreciate it!



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