19 And Having Problems Can You Help Me

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wrongway - February 25

Question: I had been on birth control for 3 years before getting off in November. I would skip the placebos so I could skip my period. When I got off it took almost two months to get my period and then my second cycle was lke 36 days, and I do not think that I am ovulating. But if I wasn't ovulating, wouldn't I not get my period?My husband and I are both 19. I am fairly healthy and he is slightly less than. I am just so frustrated. I know it hasn't been a long time but I fell like since I am young I shouldn't have any problems, you know? I hope I didn't screw with things by skipping the placebos, does that even affect things that much? We have unprotected s_x every other day and often around my fertile period. Why am I not getting pregnant? Please help me wih any information you have. It is greatly appreciated. Thank you!!


moescrilla - March 8

you can still have a period and not ovulate. People who get there tubes tied have periods, but obviously do not ovulate. Your hormones prepare your uterus for pregnancy every month, and if an egg does not get fertilized, it sheds the lining and blood it stored up for the baby. I know the dr.'s told me its best to wait 3 months after getting off bc before trying. I would say your body has been fooled for a while that you were pregnant (thats what birth control does, fools your body into thinking your pregnant) and since you havent been having a period for so long, it will probably just take your body a little longer to get back to how its supposed to be. dont worry!


AngelinLuv - March 27

I have heard that it can take up to a year to get pregnant after birth control. It's a new adjustment for your body. Just take it slow, don't get frustrated, and have fun trying.


slowpoke01 - March 31

any fertile couple has only like a 24% chance each month of getting pregnant. thats not much of a chance. buy some ovulation tests and maybe start charting your basal body temp to see if you are actually ovulating. you can chart for free at fertility friend dot com. also like the others have said your body may take a while to get the hormones adjusted and alot of women dont get pregnant until after a year of coming off birthcontrol


Our greatest gift - March 31

I would suggest to use ovulation test so that you KNOW forsure when you are in your fertile time.... :) Let us know how everything goes.... Having intercourse while your in your fertile time is when you could possibly conceive...... Hope this helps...... Lorie ann


Our greatest gift - March 31

P.S. I don't think that anything is wrong ! Time is all you need..... :)


lilmamaT - April 5

If your body isn't ready to have the baby then you won't get pregnant. That may sound totally weird but it's true. Sometimes your ready, husband is ready and you can't get pregnant. It will happen in time.


aideen - May 30

Would you believe i got pregnant on depo provera it was my first shot and i was 2weeks to finishing it and then trying unfort that wasnt the case i am now 6weeks 4 days preg and i cant bel it. So i think if your bodies ready to have a baby it will happen. Conceiving should not be rushed as io found out.


wwwilliams1 - June 15

wrongway, I am 21 and my husband and I have been married for 2 years. We've been ttc for 17 mo. We are now under the care of an RE, but initially I wanted to know why I wasn't getting pregnant at the age of 20! I actually wasn't ovulating regularly...I knew because my BBT charts had no thermal shift. That is one way to determine whether or not you are actually ovulating...you can still have "break through" bleeding(many people think it's a period) and not actually be ovulating. Trust me, at this point, after having started ovulating regularly and still not getting pregnant, I don't think age is a good indicator of fertility. Yes, there is most likely more time to fix the problem, but that's it. I would try charting your BBT and taking them to your OBGYN to look over after each month and go from there. Good luck to you and God Bless!


Cat24 - December 10

wrongway i think you need to stop putting so much pressure on yourself and your partner. it sounds like you are making the ttc part a full time job and that cant be too good for either of you! its just added stress really! you are still a teen so its not like you are in the baby race to have a baby before you are 40 for goodness sake!! you have only gave it a couple of months before you posted this big concern about not being pregnant yet. have you ever thought it might just be fate telling you you arent ready to be a mum yet? unbelievable!


lastchance - December 10

When I got on DEPO they told me that it wouldn't be fully effective for the first 2 shots, and maybe by the third one it would be safe (which is when my periods stopped).


Charlibabe - December 28

I am 19 also and I had a lot of trouble getting pregnant and I didn't even take birth control pills...So don't worry!!! We did about he same thing as you had unprotected s_x like almost everyday and even more when I was supposibly fertile. I was almost going to quit then I got pregnant so just keep trying and don't get frustrated...I know that is hard!



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