19 And Preg And Scared

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Lynn - May 5

hi i just turned 19 , 3 days ago and i'm 6 month preg, i'm excited about having a baby but i'm also so scared. i am married, its coming up on 1 year on may 14th , i dont kno how ready i am for this.. i mean oh i dont really even know, i mean its this little life i have to take care of, and i dont want to mess any thing up.. and i'm always sooo worried... i run to the hospital... for the smallest things.. i just want to raise a happy healty baby, but i still think 19 is so young to start a family. is any one else scared?


Nicole - May 5

When my daughter was born, I was 1 week away from being 20, and 3 weeks away from my 1 year anniversary. I was a bundle of nerves! I was excited and happy, but also scared of screwing up. I think all new moms, regardless of age, feel this way. I am proud to say, my daughter will be 3 in July, and, so far, she seems to be a normal kid. lol. GOOD LUCK!!


Jasna - May 5

Hi I am also 19 and I'm on my second child. I am only 6 weeks preg but I have a beautiful healthy boy of 1 1/2 years and I know that age is;nt a factor it is the love and commitment. Good Luck!


Lynn - May 6

Thanx to you both, :) that helped me out... im sure everything will be fine..just stress. i did wanna be young.. when i had kids.. never planed on this young but i'm sure me and my hubby can get threw this.. :D


Ashley Canady - May 10

I am only 17 and I think that I am pregnant. My boyfriend and I have been together for 1year and 2 months. We are not even ready for a baby right now, I have a job ,but he is trying to find one and I am still in school. I feel your scaredness bacause I am scared if I may be pregnant. Girl you are pregnant by your husband though I'm sur that he will support you.Stay strong Girl. Much Love


Jo - May 18

I fell with my son @ 19 and you do worry, i dont think you worry is down to your age entirely, with your first baby you do panic, you are entering the unknown, and i believe a 35 year old mother would worry just as much. when you have this child it will depend on you and because of that you cope, you have to. its amazing when you have that new born in your arms, instinct takes over. it is an amazing feeling


Kathy - July 20

I was 19 with first it was a great thing


megan - July 27

i'm eighteen and am scared that i am pregnant. i don't even know for sure yet and i'm freaking out. there's nothing wrong with worrying. it would be even worse if you didn't care.



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