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Jenn - August 2

I'm 19 years old and found out yesterday from my doctor that i'm pregnant. I am too young, and scared out of my mind. I don't know how to tell my parents, or to afford my baby, or how i'm going to go on with my college plans.


SARAH - August 6

I am 18 and i think im pregnant, if i am then i would have the baby when i just turn 19, if i am pregnant i am not sure how im going to tell my parents they are going to go mad but i guess im just going to say the condom broke? {it didnt, we wasnt using protection} but this is the easiest way to say it without getting killed i guess.


K - August 6

If you can't take care of your baby look into adoption. There are so many couples who are financially stable and can't have babies of their own. There is always open adoption where you can watch your child grow up. Be a strong Mom and choose life for your unborn baby, you can never ever regret choosing life and bringing a new little being into the world.


to jenn - August 7

if u cant afford the baby, maybe the best thing for u is adoption, there are so many familys that would love to take in u child if u want to look at some familys u can email me at [email protected] hope to hear from


Jenn - August 7

I told my mom, who kicked me out of the house, and now i'm living with my boyfriend. He's getting a second job, and i'm getting a job so we can save for the baby, witch we plan to keep. Thank you for your advice so far.


Chole - August 8

Hi Jenn, Im sorry that you are going through such a rough time right now. Im sorry that your mom kicked you out, it doesnt seem right, but it is good that your boyfriend is letting you live with him. I will say a prayer for you. I am also 19 and my birthdaughter is 5. Her name is Taygan, I had her when I was 13 and I placed her in a very open adoption. I also have a 4 month old baby boy which I am parenting. If you ever would like to talk, or a shoulder to cry on, or just someone who knows what you are going through I am here for you. my email. is [email protected]


christin - August 11

i think i am about to know how you feel. i'm about to get tested and i'm scared to because part of me doesn't want to find out. i'm 19 too and all your thoughts are going through my head. my parents or friends don't approve of the guy i am with. i am not looking forward to tell them.


- August 29

have u thought about adoption


nicole - August 30

adoption is an option if you dont think that you can take care of your child the way that you would like... my husband and i are wanting to adopt a child since we cant have any biological children of our own... please contact me at: [email protected]



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