19 And Ready But Not Quite Ready Yet

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Breatheunreal - August 17

Well mines a bit of a long story so i shall cut it short lol =]. Im new on here and have always wanted children when i feel old enough. Ive been with my boyfriend now for almost 3 years and we absoutely adore each other, and are both extreamly level headed, especially me i have always been very mature. We plan to get married soon when we have enough money and have living together for almost 6 months now and both have very good and stable jobs (hes trainning to be a teacher and i work at the hospital).... So... lol we would love to have a baby together it just feels right, and i have gotten past the stage where i just think babies are soo adorable i feel.. ready like i could be a good mum and i know i will be its just.... i dont know if im a bit too young right now, im so torn between two and would never do something just for the sake of it or on a whim. Sorry to go onnnnn lol Can someone give me a bit of advice? thanks so much in advance =] xxx


Giggulz91 - December 10

Hi im 19 as well I been with my boyfriend for 2 yrs and we been living together for 3 months. To me I believe that if you have a house together the relationship is going well you can pay all yours bills, rent, etc.... and you know you can afford a baby well then why not. But know this, having a baby is expensive your taking care of him/her for life its a big responsiblity! Its best to think ahead if you had a baby what will change & how your financial life will be


tortie_7 - December 20

Im 19 too. Ive been with my partner for just over 3 years now. We've been living together for 2 years. we have our own place, stable jobs. We recently got engaged. We've just started trying for a baby. Sometimes i wonder if i am too young because of my age. But it feels right to me. I know i'll be a good mum and i have always been alot mature than most people my age. If it feels right, do it :)



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