20 Years Old Pregnant And In College Seeking Advice

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Alease Marie - November 3

I am 20 years old and I am determined to stay in school and I am not killing my baby. My boyfriend is very supportive and is happier then i am about the pregnacy. I just wanted to see if there are any other pregnant college student out there, and how did you pay for school did you go from full time to part time? please leave advice


Topaz - November 3

My good friend had a baby while she was in college. She had to take one quarter off after having her. The next quarter she had friends help babysit along with her husband while she took cla__ses. When her baby was 6 months old she was then able to drop her off at the day care on campus. She then graduated the next year. I know there are grants out there that you can get, scholarships too. Then you can always get a student loan as well. Good luck with everything.


sonia989 - November 4

well, I'm not 20, but I am in university and I don't intend to quit just because I'm having a baby. I'm taking a 3 cla__ses/semester for now and will have the summer off ( due june 18). I bet that there are loan or bursary programs you could use and maybe even some programs for young moms in school. A girl in my cla__s had a baby last summer and she was back this fall. I refuse to believe that your life has to come to a grinding halt just because you have a baby. Congratulations on you preg.


Alease Marie - November 5

Oh yes I am defnitely staying in school, i just wanted to know like what services are out there for pregnant teens, because I know just being by myself college is not cheap I was thinking about going to school next year as a part time student maybe it will be cheaper


JezzPezz - November 8

I'm pregnant and I am in college also. I'm due and June and I plan on continuing full time. There is so many scholarships for mothers just do some searching.


musicaladdie - November 16

I'm pregnant, 23 and in college. I'm due in January so I'm taking off next semester. I'll go back next fall. I may end up having to take out a little more in loans to cover child care but I will definetely go back since I had already left for a little while. Keep your chin up and do look into on campus child care and scholarships available to mothers. Good luck to you!


chica1 - November 18

Hi!!! I'm 20 and pregnant. I'm due July 20th. I'm staying in school in the Spring taking 19 hours and I plan on working full time. Just like you, my boyfriend is very supportive. The only hard part is telling my parents


khristi - December 16

Since my bf is a carpenter he works day so since cla__s is never long after our child is a year old or so we will have daycare or a babysitter, but during the first year I am doing correspondance, I am a medical student, correspondance can be done for almost any cla__ses, and it's done from home at your own pace, I live in Canada and a good canadian university for this is tru.ca but most schools offer it, either online or by paper, and you can take as many or few courses as desired and at any point in the year, so I buy my courses as I have the money, so every few months I start a new one, I love it so far, just through pregnancy and probably will with a kid.


alaia854 - January 11

we are the same age and I just found out 2 days ago that I was 5 weeks pregant I also am in school part-time and I also work part-time. Its not going to be easy lucky I have a supporting boyfriend and a supportive mother. You have to keep your head up. Think of it this way you are trying to make a better life for your child what school do you go to. It will be okay just tell yourself you can do it and you have to believe in yourself. If


Hailsa24 - January 12

Hello! my name is Hailey, and I'm 21 and a college student. I decided to take this year off, not knowing i would fall pregnant. Now I am also worried about how I will afford to go back. I know many get through it...Aren't there grants for young mothers in college? I only have 1 1/2 left to be a special education teacher :) I am due in September so I guess I could take summer cla__ses this semester, and then go back winter of 07 to finish! Good luck ladies! We will get through it!


Melissa32179 - January 12

I got pregnant with my son when I was 21 years old. I was in college and only had two years left to graduate, and decided that the most important thing for me was to continue. Unlike some of you I did not have a very supportive boyfriend. By the time I was 22 I was a single parent in college. I will not lie to any of you, it is not easy but it is well worth it. I went to school in Illinois. There is a thing called a MAP grant which is from single parents. When you fill out all of your financial aid papers go and see an advisor at your school, they should be able to help you. Also get a job on campus and see if the school has onsite daycare. By the time I was 24 I graduated with my master’s degree. To this day I can say I did it all on my own, and all for my son. To day I am 27 happily married for a year with a new baby on the way. Things have a way of working out. Good luck to all of you and if you want anymore information, just ask.


silencingtearsofhope - January 13

I am 23 and pregnant with twins, I just switched from full time to part time and also started taking cla__ses online which is easier for me anyway since i'm living overseas right now. I'll probably take next semester off since the baby's are due in a couple weeks but then I plan to start up again.


momma713 - February 11

Try to do college and work part time as long as you can then take a few semesters off towards your due date and to take care of the baby for a few months look into a school loan so you can pay it back when you finish and able to work and have the baby in day care


salk - February 13

You CAN do it. I was pregnant at 19 with my son. That was 20 years ago. Most schools now have a day care program - especially schools with a program for teachers or early childhood development teachers. The students get to actually work hands on with real children. Whatever you do - try not to get student loans. There are so many other ways. Take part time cla__ses. Maybe you can get on-campus housing. That is usually very reasonable. I am still paying my student loan now and I am 39. It takes forever and even if you only get a small loan maybe 30 thousand the payment is like the same as a car payment for a long time. I pay $300 a month and it will be at least 10 more years before I pay it off. I realize now I didn't really need that loan money. Could have easily done with less dinners out or less new clothes for me or the baby. School is important and trust me - it was easier going to college with my baby than was working full time. At least college is only part of the day and you can study and read at home while your baby naps or plays. Once you start working full time it gets even harder. But trust in yourself. You can do it. My boyfriend and I got married. He was very supportive. That helps. Parents were unhappy at first but as soon as they all saw their grandchild they were arguing over who got to babysit first.


KBLMRL - February 15

I am 19 and may be pregnant, I am also in college. I will be returning to my hometown next semester regardless of whether I am pregnant or not. However, if I am pregnant I will be switching to part-time. I don't know what services are available in your hometown, but our has a daycare called Mom's House where they will watch your baby while you are at cla__s, a job, or studying (you must be enrolled in college to qualify) and they will watch the baby at no charge. The only thing is you would have to give 2 hours of your time once a week to them in return. They may have something like that where you are. My boyfriend is also really excited and hoping that I am. We live across the street from one another and have known eachother for a long time. I hope all goes well for you!


luk - February 16

I advice to go to college and work part time to cover your new born expenses. Try to a__sist your family & friends and be very patient to your baby needs towards the difficult time you shall experience.


docbytch - February 18

While I was not a "pregnant" college student, I did manage to get my four year degree and go through most of medical school as a single mom. Having a child ups your personal "budget" so to speak and you would be able to qualify for oodles of financial aid. You would get the maximum number of grants and now is the time to apply....before the end of feb 07 so you have "priority" standing for fall 07. As far as daycare goes, not sure what to say. You'd likely qualify for daycare a__sistance, but I wouldn't try for DSHS or anyting like that because those programs tend to look down on women in college and asking for welfare. Seems they'd rather you be stuck in some c___ppy-a__s votech program with no future...but is much quicker as far as "welfare to work" It's doable if you have the will. Good luck



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